📷 My Entry Deranged Photo Contest: "Work To Live, Dont Live To Work..."

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💁📷 Hi guys! Here is my "Portrait" Entry I have Titled: "Work to Live, Dont Live To Work..."
Taken of my hubby who works way to hard sometimes, and just finished working on my car after all ready working hard all day!
Hope you all like my Entry into Deranged Photography Contest for Thursdays "Portrait" Challenge Where we are challenged to show that "It is more than just a photo of someone. It is supposed to give some insight about the person and tell a bit about who that person is, what their interests are, or the mood they are feeling."

💁📷 My Entry: Amateur Teir
Work To Live, Dont Live To Work...

note the crooked arthritis finger on the left

20180918_183905 (1).jpg

📷 If You Would Like To Enter Here Is Link With All The Datails:



📷💁 All Photos Just Taken By Me On My Google Pixel 2 XL Cell Phone, Check my new phones Specs. Here:


🌄❤ Blogging live, Snapping Pics and Cooking from our Camper up in the mountains of British Columbia Canada! HOPING to finish the other half of our house by this Fall!"

"Being Creative, Living & Loving A Country Lifestyle! Thanks for stopping by!"



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Nice work hands lol hows your lil planties coming along? My buds are starting to fill out 😋

I have not seen them sense I took those pics, they are far up in the mountains , out door grow show but my hubby says they are doing awesome! Best of luck with your buds @cyberblock and thanks for your kind reply !👍🌱

Are those hands really a zombie coming to get ya? 🤣😆😂

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Hahaha, sometimes I think he is, Lol!!😂😂😂😂

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Awesome thanks!👍