The shrooms are taking over the world!!!

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Autumn is at it finest and this week was a perfect week of demonstrating all the beauty that was combined in there. I am a big mushroom eater but am absolutely not knowledgeable with it on which ones are good ones to eat, and which ones will make you die in less than a minute. So the eating part I will leave to the others in this case!

Screenshot_20191024-143456_Photo Editor.jpg

Holland has been having a very wet last couple of weeks, which utterly sucks but is awesome for the mushroom growth. These red ones are the classic ones which you will always see when you let a kid draw one. My guess would also be that little leprechauns would be living underneath these ones, with small spikey hats. (bring on the fiction stories here!)

Screenshot_20191024-143701_Photo Editor.jpg

What I find a cool feature in other hometown Lucerne Switzerland is that you have the ability to have your mushrooms tested once per week at the nature museum to see if your potential food is eatable or not. A safe and friendly way of encouraging people to find their own food in the forest, but to get it tested as well. I haven’t seen this in other countries before, but I really do like it and would surely use it if I had plucked my own risotto-filling ;)

Screenshot_20191024-143557_Photo Editor.jpg

This might even be the thing I should like autumn for. Not the slippery, sticky wet leaves on the road, but these fine rascals hidden in the bushes. I will give autumn a next shot this yea on feelings of positivity!

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  ·  11 months ago (edited)

Ha ha, well stay away from those flyagaric shrooms in the pic or you'll either be puking or tripping... or possibly both 🤣🤣

The Vikings used to use those mushrooms to get themselves in an altered state of consciousness before battle to cause them to go berserk.

Really? That’s a pretty nutty fact! Lol

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Ha ha, well I've just conducted some research as it was just something I'd heard somewhere. Check out this article of you're interested m8

From what I read it seems that the fly agaric theory about the berserkers was started by a 17th century priest named Ödmann 🤣... but it's a good story that appeals to my fantasy writers mentality.

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ow @raj808 how do you know all of these facts hahahahhaha. I honestly would never 'just' eat a random shroom from the forest because of the chances you are taking. Id say @blewitt is one of those who lives on the edge and just goes for it (considering you have just jumped out of a plane)

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Dont eat the flyagric!! Lol. 🍄🍄🍄

totally not intending to! That is like russian roulette with my knowledge hahaha

I guess you are better in this game right?

Hahha ..
Hubs did experiment with a bit once upon a time.. NOT a good idea

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