How many cat people are we around?

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I was preparing another post, but unfortunately was not able to finish it ...
As I was curating, my eyes were caught by the Caturday post by @derangedvisions (If you don't follow him yet, you should - there are great contests and also amazing photography to go along)

And of course I remembered that it has been a very long time I have not posted a photo of my sweet @iamkikaki ...

Today, my Kiki proved (once more) to be very very brave, she stood up to a guy (Fluffy is his name) that is double her size and wanted to scare her away from her cozy place (hehe)


And to be honest with you, I had a query that I searched up a little bit.
Could you guess if dogs or cats were domesticated first?

If I had to guess, I would probably say dogs. And apparently I am correct.
According to this article dogs started coexisting with humans almost 41000 years ago, while cats probably came near people during the Neolithic era (some 12 000 years back)

So, for you who believe that cats are not yet fully domesticated, you do have a point. They will need a few thousands of years to become as dogs are now but - we love them just the way they are!

Do you agree with me?


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I agree!
And what a beautiful big eyes :)
Happy Caturday!

Cats are tasty

You can count one more cat person here! I love them! 🥰

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