The cat and the moon

in photography •  last year 

Did it happen to you?

Especially since I started using Instagram more often, I have this urge to take shots whenever I am see something that inspires me. I have gathered a great number of pictures that I know one day I will use :) Maybe when I write my book? Who knows?

Today as I was returning home, I noticed the moon at the sky (I am lucky to live at a place without much traffic, or I would be dead by now .. haha)

The moon seemed to be unnaturally large for winter time, and I just had to take these shots.

Only after I came home I realized that it looks like the moon is literally a ball on the power cables :)

I hope you liked the images and of course feel free to tell me what inspires you to take a shot!



"We ran as if to meet the moon"
☆ Robert Frost

And we did

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love that shot with the skew tree lol!!!

There are many things that I am inspired by in terms of photographing.... sometimes really obscure things too!