A small outdoor winter playground

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Yesterday we went to a small outdoor playground which was setup for only a couple of days to enjoy.

The weather was a bit colder than usual, but for kids this doesn’t really matter ofcourse.


I came from work, ate a quick dinner and was dragged to go with them :))

All right... Dad found a place to enjoy a cup of coffee while you are playin... so go on now, I’ll watch you guys fron here :)



So there they go then... they have setup a small skating ring so that kids can safely skate.



And there was a DJ playing child songs. They were all having lots of fun while I enjoyed my coffee just outside listening to the noisy songs :P I’d prefer a song like “Losing My Religion” in the background and enjoying a more quiet evening, but I had no choice :(


Back to the reality... I wasn’t sitting quietly on my own, but was in a noisy place with shouting children 😂

They decorated the whole place nicely...



They also had a slide, I’m not sure what this is called in english really, an “inflatable slide”? Anyway... they spent a lot of time here too.



After a couple of hours we called it a day. Although I was very tired after a busy week, still it was good seeing kids having fun. Finally I could jump on the couch and rest!

Have a good weekend everyone!

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Do you usually have snow there? I'm disappointed with don't have any this winter.

Nope, unfortunately it doesn’t snow often here. Also this year we sort if skipping winter.

Thanks for dropping by!

this was super super cute!!!

Thank youu!

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