I built my first Studio and I have no Idea what I'm doing

in photography •  10 months ago 

Well well well, I do not know where to begin.

I took another leap, this time- into building out my first small little production studio. It took me a month to build it out (after thinking it would take 2 weekends tops) and well, it took everything out of me. I did record some of the process, but have been so overwhelmed with the amount of shit I shot that I have been avoiding editing it. So I will guide you through the journey with photos...


Come inside..


Uhhmm..is that a Dungeon?

Certainly not uh.. the sexiest of spaces... but somewhere in those god-awful floors and the overall dungeony feel and vibe.. I saw potential?

So my plan was to split the space in half- soundproof all the walls with a Denim insulation- and put up a new wall and entrance door in the middle. Front space to be used for a comfortable meeting/talking area/ I really have no clue- and the back half my production studio of my dreams... sounds simple right?


First step- Demo.. the side walls and ceiling have to come down in order to insulate them with a "soundproof denim"

3000 pounds of drywall...


Denim insulation going in... ALREADY taking way longer than I thought..(not good)

New drywall going up

Let the face speak for itself

draw cartoons to save sanity

and my dad's name because I love him


New wall FINALLY going up... at a snails pace


A door!

Inside the studio

Bringing some color into the space

Okay- this random-ass divider wall thing has got to go..

Floors!? Could the end be near?

That took forever- time to start bringing in some stuff

Most important.. a Tea Station

Mr McPlant

Sexy Blue Wall, and a foam puzzle piece floor for the studio side

Quick Intermission Selfies

A comfy couch, some rugs, and acoustic treatment.. and we have arrived at a functional space

Sexy Mic Shots to promote podcasting services IMG_0704.JPG


No heater... and it sometimes gets cold

And finally... a space to myself... to create.

If you're still reading this then.. WOW..uhhh.. thank you for taking your valuable time and supporting me through this mess. I am still anxious as hell because, well.. now the pressure is on to generate enough income to be able to keep the space. But let's take this one day at a time, appreciate the journey, count my blessings, and manifest my success.

I'm back my fellow Steemians..

Happy Holidays
I love you all


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wow love the space , i am jealous about the space it look s really stunning, i wish i had a little green room studio, hahahah well dont dissapear on me and us in steemterminal again. and i will DM when you are ready got a lead for the new businees.

I was excited to hear from you! Thank you for the kind words, and your patience throughout my disappearance. I'm happy to have returned to my digital home. And by golly I am certainly ready to take on any leads... I have 2 rents now!

Well I will dm you a possible lead

@brittandjosie thank you = )

Andrew You are backkkkk

I am impressed!! What an accomplishment to have done such a nice job... yes, everything is a "leap of faith", but what if we don't try? We are just glad to see you are doing okay... anything else, is just a bonus!

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!giphy nice job


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@wesphilbin thanks for all the love and support Wes. You're a great person, and your energy of wanting to help others is definitely felt and appreciated!

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