Week 3 in San Diego

in photography •  last year 

Hello friends and welcome back to the third installment to my San Diego adventures.

First and foremost, shout out to Meow Meow, my cat roomate who is always making me smile20190827_8.JPG

Next shout out- is to this Sea Gull for letting me snap a photo of him20190827_1.JPG

Next I visited another beach (Mission Beach) and stayed for the sunset, and it was very pretty

The water of course was gorgeous as well20190827_9.JPG
I became quite obsessed with this art structure

As well as observing others enjoy the structure as well20190827_11.JPG20190827_15.JPG20190827_25.JPG

Then I got my chance to move in close

literally.. obsessed

Then thought, why not take a selfie for the Steem community ( a super serious one)

and took more photos of the structure 20190827_61.JPG20190827_50.JPG

I also went to a guided meditation meetup, (didn't bring my camera) but it was a beautiful experience, and I am happy I went on a whim one night, and will be attending if not weekly, then bi-weekly.

I do sense that I am "coming out of my shell", but my shell has so many complex layers of unworthiness, and is heavy, so I accept that it will take time and enjoy the process.

Anywho, during the meditation we engaged in a Metta Prayer where we wish good wishes onto oneself and others, and I thought of the Steem community during that time. I love you guys, I am glad we made it through the hardfork.

Farewell friends.

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Andrew the sea gull is great for #featheredfriday by @melinda010100 because the pictures are beautiful.
And don’t forget to drop the blog in promo in the terminal they der serve to be voted on

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Your photos are lovely! And @brittandjosie is right.. Do use the #featheredfriday tag for your bird photos (any day, not just on Fridays)

rats! I forgot about #featheredfriday - next bird shots I will definitely add the tag!

I'll be looking forward to seeing them!

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You've got some really gorgeous shots in here! Great work!

Since you used the Caturday tag, happy Caturday in advance. :-)


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