"Only Light Can Drive out Darkness" - Photo52 Week 3

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"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

f2lfq7q3l4.jpg"Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr."

My photos feature the statue of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The incredible sculpture, called "The Stone of Hope," is located in The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in West Potomac Park, in Washington, D.C. (refer to map below)

Source: Samsung Gallery
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"I Have a Dream"
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The memorial is a tribute to the slain civil rights leader and stands near where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his famous "I Have a Dream" speech.

The photographs were taken when my family visited Washington DC during Spring Break when the unforgettable Winter Storm Stella hit back in 2017.

This is my entry to the weekly #Photo52 contest hosted by @photo52 as well as initiated and run by the incredible @wwwiebe.

The theme this week is "White."

Learn more about the rules and weekly themes here:


Images taken with Samsung Galaxy 7

Thank you for taking time to stop by and visit my blog, as I truly appreciate everyone's continued support!

Have a terrific day!

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Thank you very much!

a nice quote. seems a lot of good visioners knew it and tried to put it, in a different ways. one of my fave quotes by Russian writer Victor Pelevin:

If you will find yourself in the dark and will see at least the faintest ray of light, you should head there, instead of speculating whether it makes sense to it isnt. Maybe that really doesn't make sense. But just sitting in the dark does not make sense anyway.

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Wow! What wisdom behind the quote of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr! Thank you for sharing the quote with us, my friend @ninahaskin.

The sculptured statue is a wonderful work of art! Even the brow lines and the crease at the elbow are sculptured in details! Hahaha! 😂

Have a beautiful day ahead my dear.

You deserve some !trdo


Appreciate the PHOTOFT token gifts!
Thanks so much! @photo52♥️💫



Great picture of a great carving! And very fitting for the day. Thank you for entering!

Glad you were the "someone" who recognized the significance of my choosing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as the subject for my #Photo52 entry on Monday! @wwwiebe

Thank you for hosting the fun contest and giving me an opportunity to share bits of my family's past travels!

ps. glad to see your entry to this challenge, and looking forward to the next prompts :=)

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My pleasure and sorry I missed the first two!
I'm trying to figure a good entry for week 3 @wwwiebe

WOW that is such an amazing statue thanks for sharing it with us

WOW that is such an
Amazing statue thanks for
Sharing it with us

                 - tattoodjay

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Appreciate your time and support! @tattoodjay

Totally my pleasure to visit

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hello i like it
front looks angry and imposing, profile has a better person's face
Happy Tuesday

Had you not pointed it out I never would have given it a second thought or noticed!

The shadows on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s face might have something to do with it @txatxy

he he

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