Photo 52, 2020 Challenge, Week Number 3

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This weeks theme: White

Welcome to the Steem Photo 52 Challenge Contest, 2020 Edition! This contest is an extension of a Photo 52 project, in which a person takes one photo every week based on a pre-defined weekly theme. For this contest I will supply the weekly theme, and the community will supply their photos! At the end of each week I will determine a weekly champion.

This Steem account, "photo52", was created specific for this contest by @wwwiebe. All rewards and prizes will be issued by photo52.


  1. Weekly theme will be supplied every Wednesday.
  2. Weekly challenge closes midnight EST (GMT-5) the following Tuesday.
  3. On Wednesday I will present the weekly champion as well as the new theme for the week.
  4. Weekly participation is not mandatory. Come and go as you please.
  5. Upvotes are not required but are appreciated.
  6. Resteem is not required but is appreciated to get the word out.
  7. Please use three tags in your entry:
    3. PHOTO52
  8. Please also reply to this post with a link to your weekly entry.

The Weekly champion will receive that week's prize.

Weekly Prize

  • 50 PHOTO
  • 20 CCC

Final Prize

As stated, this photo52 account is dedicated to this year-long contest; as such, all upvote rewards will be available at the end of the year for a final grand prize.

At the end of the year I will put up a dPoll with all of the weekly contest champions, at which point there will be a few days before NYE where the community can vote for the Grand Champion. The Grand Champion will receive 60% of all Steem in the Photo52 account by Dec 31! For instance, if the account has a total of 100 Steem, then 60 Steem will be given to the Grand Champion.

All 52 themes have already been created and can be viewed here:!AhEIx14z2g9DkbcQ_MkBBO3-fNQ5PA

This weeks theme: White!

This is both a Creative Coin as well as a Photography contest, so aim for something creative as well; I will be judging on both the creative features of the photograph as well as the creative features of the subject. "Art" does not always need to follow the rules! I like outside the box. Maybe shoot a photograph from inside a box of something new outside the box!


Some examples:

  • White lights
  • The white of your/their/his/her eyes
  • Snow White
  • Something black and white

Jump outside your comfort zone! Just don't jump into heavy traffic. Feel free to explain the image to tell me how it's "new." I might not understand just by looking at the image, but I promise you, if you lead me to water, I will drink.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

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Late in joining in... sorry! Here is my submission for Week 3!!


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Thanks for the entry! Definitely a white photo!

Thanks presenting at #pypt

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now, in the third week I have found some matching photos 😊

Awesome work!

Thanks a lot ... awesome Challenge - I like it 👍🙂

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Happy weekend! Here's my entry for this round...

Great! Three weeks running! Thank you so much for participating!

My own little twist version of photo52 based on the theme White

Appreciate you holding this contest. I am a lousy photographer even though I had it as an elective in High School for two years!

Hope you weekend is going well. Always glad when you come to PYPT and keep us updated!

Thanks for dropping by @sgt-dan! You should break out a camera anyway. Any picture is better than no picture!

street IMG_0433_w3.jpg

here is my entry . my white may look a bit yellowish but please dont ditch it: it is actually white! just looks like that! :)

Nice initiative, resteemed and will definitely follow and join this :)

Thank you very much! Glad to see you found it. :)

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Hello, this is my entry to this contest. Thank you for the initiative.

Congratulations to the Week 2 winners!

This is my first time entering this fun weekly themed contest!

f2lfq7q3l4.jpg"Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr"

Here is my entry for Week 3 contest theme.

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My entry for this weeks "Phot52 Challenge" with a theme of "White"

My photo snow globe!

Hi I am probably too late for this challenge week 3. I did post my photography yesterday, but forgot to comment with the link😭.

thisismy post