A View of the Seaside, From a Failed Plan!

in photography •  9 months ago 


This is a view of the beach on a rather cloudy day at the end of this month. The sky looks blue but is actually a bit foggy, but I try to clarify it by using the default device on my smartphone even though it might not be so optimal, maybe.

Actually on that day, I had a lot of time and opportunity to take a few pictures with my online business friend while introducing some products, but the weather wasn't very supportive and my friend also didn't really understand the tricks of taking photos. . Photos, when the weather is not friendly, yes, just like me too.
Finally, we just sat chatting enjoying the atmosphere while jokingly forgetting all the plans, yes forgetting all the plans because there was still time and opportunity on another day said my friend.


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Hi @seha76,

I recommended your post for the weekly @pifc contest, and I am very happy to find you for it. I hope you get better weather, but this day made for nice photos :)

At least you had a good day overall. Things might not have been perfect weather wise the pictures are pretty neat looking to be honest.

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Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing.
I found this post thanks to @fitinfunfood featuring you in the Pay it Forward Curation Contest. Keep up the good work!