A Philippine Native Style Of Christmas Decoration <3 (@tegoshei's Photographer at Heart Series #19)

What's up beautiful people! (^^,)/
It's time for another Photographer at Heart Series! <3

In the Philippines, Christmas season starts as early as September. On the first day of September, we can already hear Christmas songs on the radio and some Christmas decors in the streets.

As for my family, we usually start decorating for Christmas on the first or second week of November... usually after UNDAS (All Saints Day and All Souls Day). Actually, we haven't started decorating our humble home for this year, yet. However, I plan to do it on Sunday. We are still busy doing some stuff that after recovering from my sore throat, I still haven't gone back to work except for my special classes.

Anyway, we went to some nearby shopping malls today. Originally, I and my papa wanted to get our pictures taken for some government ID, but we have to go back again next week because the person-in-charge is on leave. T_T So, we decided to buy some additional Christmas decor. We can still reuse some of the Christmas decors we had last time. :)

In one of the shopping malls we went to, I noticed that their theme is so interesting! They mostly use Philippine native products for their decorations. Even upon entering the mall, I couldn't resist but take some pictures. Well, this mall is very small... so there aren't a lot of them. Despite that, I hope you enjoy my shots for today. <3


Maligayang Pasko = Merry Christmas






And that's it... How did you like their decorations? :)
I think it's simple, yet very interesting and beautiful. <3

As always, I used my phone (Nokia 5) to capture these photos and enhanced them using PhotoScape.

I hope you like them and enjoy looking at them. See you again soon! (^_^)/

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