Filipinized Chinese Food <3 (@tegoshei's Photographer at heart Series #21)

Hey there beautiful people! ^^
I guess I haven't really kept my promise of posting every day. T_T
Well, I have a bunch of stuff to post, so I'll try to take it slow and share stuff with you. :)

For now, let me update on my Photographer at heart Series. This is the 21st entry now and I'm happy that I could share my photography despite not going out that much. :) I hope you enjoy today's entry as well.

As the title suggest, I'm going to share some photos of Filipinized Chinese food. These are originally Chinese food, but then adjusted to Filipino style and taste. Let's start. :)


The photo you see above is Makimi. It's a Filipino-Chinese soup. It basically consists of pork and this thick and brown soup. Actually, I thought it's similar to steamed rice, so I was thinking this is what they put on top of the steamed rice. lol

My father ordered this when we went to Manila Foodshoppe, and it's actually my first time seeing this dish. I didn't eat it though because there were some small shrimp on it as well, and I'm allergic to it. T_T

When my father stirred and mixed the stuff in the bowl I was surprised to see this.


I didn't expect to see noodles in it. hahaha It looks really delicious though and my father said it was. I wanna try it minus the shrimp. I wonder if mama can try and cook this dish. The soup looks so appetizing, so I'm eager to taste it.

Since I couldn't eat such dish, my mama and I ordered siopao or hot bun. <3


Yummy!!! <3 At first, I thought Siopao is Chinese, but when I read more about it I discovered that it's Filipino. Well, the original one is Chinese steamed buns, and siopao is the a Filipino-style steamed buns. It's adjusted to suit the taste of Filipinos.

Inside the bun, there's a sweet-flavored pork in it. I like this Siopao from Manila Foodshoppe, but I still consider the siopao from Chowking, a Chinese fast food chain in the Philippines as my favorite. <3

More than the taste, I enjoy eating with my family while having small talks about random things. I guess sharing food with your loved ones makes it much better. <3

That's it for my entry today. As always, I used my Nokia 5 smartphone to capture these photos and enhanced them using PhotoScape desktop app. I hope you enjoyed this mouthwatering post of mine.

See you again soon and enjoy your day! (^^,)/

If you have tried this type of Filipinized Chinese food, please leave a comment below whether you enjoyed them or not. Take care~! (^_^)/

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Never seen such a soup to be honest!

It was my first time that time as well... I had to ask my father what he was eating.. lol.. xD

Manila Foodshoppe! 👍 Lami pud ila Buttered Chicken.

wala paq ka.try sa ilaha chicken.. ksagaran ky honey glazed pork aq orderon if dri mi mangaon.. hahaha xD