Enjoy the atmosphere in the afternoon.

in photography •  10 months ago 


On this occasion I did not discuss self-quarantine because I was outside the home. This afternoon I enjoyed the evening atmosphere on the road using one of the cars to enjoy the beauty of nature in the afternoon, namely the sunset.

I took the time to take a picture for me to make it as a status and content for me to post on the hive blockchain because every time I found a beautiful moment, I always took the time to photograph the moment for me to make as my posting material.

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Looks nice and refreshing 👍

Thank you very much my friends 😁

Your most welcome my friend 😊

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Apa kabar kakak
Oya...kok susah kali dapat suara di hive kak

Alhamdulillah sehat @wira8788, kmu sendiri apa kabar??

Sehat juga kak