Enjoy the panoramic at sunset.

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Today I just spend my time going for a walk using the car while enjoying the panoramic view of nature when the sun begins to set, we can feel the beauty because the sensations that we get can calm our minds if you have an unresolved problem because enjoying the beauty of nature is wrong one way to make us calmer.

Since we are still in the process of conducting self-quarantine, so I chose not to go out while in the car because for the sake of our safety together to avoid the spread of the covid-19 virus that is creeping into parts of Indonesia so I prefer to stay in the car only when I spend part of my time on an afternoon walk.

And in the future maybe I will try to trade to find a little extra income, because at this time the company where I work is laying off all employees because of the spread of the epidemic that has been so severe in Indonesia that the company's revenue is reduced and the management of my company is making the decision to dismiss all staff working at the company.

So I have to find a little extra income through the digital world such as trading, mining or even doing some coin stakeholders which I believe will bring benefits in the future. Since I have a lot of free time at home, I try a little more seriously to learn how to trade on several options trading platforms so I can make a little profit from there.

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Stay at home...jangan keluyuran dulu...

Ahahaha...siap² bg @helmibireuen, tapi kalau keluyuran karena keperluan kan ngak apa-apa bg😅