My usual activity in the afternoon.

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When the afternoon arrives, I usually go to places that have beautiful spots to see because I really like to enjoy the natural beauty in the afternoon while watching the sunset. And the activity is arguably my habit because I am very happy to enjoy the beauty of nature especially the panorama at sunset.

Although currently still in the period of self quarantine, I still took the time to go out briefly in the afternoon because if I continue to quarantine myself then I will get bored so I decided to go out for a while while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery around where I live.

To get happiness we don't need to waste money to travel abroad. Because in our own country there is also a lot of natural beauty that we can enjoy. Although the beauty is not like abroad, but the natural beauty that is in our country is no less beautiful when compared to tourist attractions that exist abroad.

Because we have tourist attractions from nature directly, we don't make them, whereas in foreign countries most tourist attractions are made by themselves so that it doesn't make us feel satisfied when enjoying them. Although I have never visited all the tourist attractions in Indonesia, but I have felt how many tourist attractions have beautiful spots that we can enjoy.

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