See Very Beautiful White Flowers.

in photography •  9 months ago 


Since today is still staying at home, I want to show the beautiful flowers in my yard. The flower blooms very often alternately because in addition to the many trees, the flower is indeed very often flowering because the weather in Indonesia is very suitable for this type of flower plant.

Indonesian people are known as residents who really like flowers, because in almost every yard of Indonesian people, there are certain types of flower plants. This has become a habit of the Indonesian people for generations because our grandmothers used to love herbal plants, but on the sidelines of the plants they planted flowers as decoration.

Actually I do not like Flowers, but because there are no other content materials so I made this flower as my posting material this time. Besides being really not in the mood to write, I still force myself to write because I have a target this month that is able to write at least 1 content every day for one full month.

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