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Finally the sun came shining early in the morning at Browneartopia. The start of beautiful days perfect for engaging outside and be bathed in the warm sunlight.

Pinky had been busy preparing the garden while Spiky had pruned a few apple trees. Pinky met an old friend Mr. Bug on her way home. She requested that Mr. Bug look after the tiny members of the gang, Betsy and Victor as the two are playing outside. Mr. Bug went ahead to the playground and advised Victor and Betsy to stay for a few minutes. He gathered three big leaves which served as their mattresses so they can recline and relax while taking advantage of the sunshine. Victor could not see the point though.

This is a comics I made for the Pinky and Spiky drawing contest organised by @organduo and @laputis. I used a drawing style different from my previous entries. Hope you like it

Vive le Hive

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Ahahaha. What a funny cartoon. Well done! 😄

Thank you 😊

Greetings friend, the gang is enjoying the sun

What's up my friend. Yeah I agree the gang is enjoying the sun

You have so much talent 🍒


Thanks for your entry!