My visit to Ukraine April 2018. Part 1 Kiev.

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I can’t believe it’s two years since I visited this country, wonderful friendly people, remarkable yet sad history. Some of the most stunning women I have ever seen.

Not a fan of their cuisine, but fortunately there are a good number of western outlets.

I had only 24 hours in Kiev before visiting the exclusion zones at Chernobyl, so needed to make the most of it.

Safe, easy to navigate public transport got me around the city with ease.

No history lessons here. No wordy travel blog.

Just me and a camera. Here are some snaps


Some really cool street art


Easter is a colourful time to visit



Cheap, safe and reliable public transport systems


Mother Russia and monuments to the fallen


Independence Square, and the shrines of some of the fallen


Randomness and Pizza

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I spent some time in Kiev for work a few years back. Some pretty building amongst the grim soviet stuff. I did a long walk one weekend that took me to the giant statue and the war museum below it. I was there twice a couple of years apart and saw changes in that time. I managed to miss the time when they had big protests in the central. I stayed right by the main square.

Yes it’s a great city to visit, I love the history and the whole vibe of the place.

very interesting photos.
Why weren't they rated?

Sorry, don’t understand what “rated” means, am new to this site, still on a learning curve

I wanted to say that such a good post received little support.

Ah thank you, yes I don’t understand how some posts get well supported and they are crap yet interesting stuff gets ignored !

Try to write using GEMS

You have a lot of interesting trips:

I see Your post about traveling to Tartary.
Have You been to Kirov? I saw on YouTube an interesting story of an Englishman about a trip to Kirov.

Put the < br > symbol between the photos

Hi thanks for this, yes have travelled a lot across Russia

Is it You or is it not You?

Wow! Yes please, fantastic ( I’d take the receptionist up to the room with me too!)
I was supposed to be doing an Estonian road trip this week til the world went crazy for the false flag. Just me and a car and a huge load of places I have found on line.

This has to go on my list !

Love my City. Hope you enjoy traveling to Ukraine 🇺🇦

Yes I loved the city the people and the atmosphere

Glad to hear that 🙏