It's #piratesunday, The 1636 - 1938 Sweden 2 Krona New Sweden Tercentenary Commemorative

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”Blackbirds tend to like shiny objects” ~ The Bloody Raven

The name of the ship on this coin is the Calamare Nyckel (Kalmar Nyckel , translated: Key of Colmar) the ship symbolizing the founding of the New World settlement of New Sweden in Delaware on March 1638.

But first to the silver coin!

1938 – 1638 2 Krona
Reverse: Crown and The Ship Kalmar Nyckel
0.800 Silver, 15.0g
31mm Diameter

NOVÆ·SUECIÆ SUECIA·MEMOR meaning: Sweden remembers New Sweden

Launched in 1625 the Kalmar Nyckel is a sailing ship class described as full-rigged Pinnace of light construction, narrow in cross section than other vessel types, and suitable in exploring, trading, and light naval duty.

In 1629 the ship was acquired by the Swedish Navy when Sweden made plans to establish a trade colony in the new world and thus avoid the English and French middle man on North American goods.

Jacob Hogg 1922 Painting of the Kalmar Nyckel
Artist Jacob Hogg 1922 Photo By:W.Carter UnderPublic Domain

The first voyage began from Gottenberg in December 1637. The journey continued from the Netherlands in New Year’s 1938 following unexpected repairs. The ship arrives in March 1638 and the building Fort Christina at present day Wilmington Delaware.

The ship made four voyages from Sweden to North America successfully in addition to Naval transport and courier service.

In 1651 the ship was sold into the merchant service to protect Dutch fishing vessels but was sunk off the coast of Scotland by the British navy in July 12 1652.

Some Details of the Kalmar Nyckel:

  • Built in 1625 Amsterdam
  • Type Dutch Pinnace
  • Crew of 40
  • Soldiers 28
  • Armament 12 Six pound Cannon
  • Armament 2 Swivel Guns

1938 – 1638 2 Krona
Obverse: G U S T A V U S • V • R E X Left facing
Engraver: Erik Lindberg

The Modern Kalmar Nyckel

Kalmar Nyckel By Acroterion Under CCO 3.0

In 1986 an American committee was created to establish a foundation in building a working Replica of the Kalmar Nyckel. The modern Kalmar Nyckel was built at a local shipyard in Wilmington near the original site of Fort Christina and was launched on September 28, 1997

The ship currently serves as an Ambassador as the State of Delaware's Official Tall Ship functioning in roles of education, historical awareness, and serving in special events.

The modern Kalmar Nyckel and The Copeland Marine Center are open to the public for reservations for;

  • Movie shoots
  • Volunteer crew sailing classes
  • Private bookings like Wedding Receptions and Pirate Parties
  • Public Sails and field trips
  • Tour packages, may include Cannon Firing. (I'm sold on the Cannon Firing!)

The Website of the Kalmar Nyckel: Tall Ship with a Broad Reach

Basic Specs on the Modern Kalmar Nyckel:

  • Lead Architects: Thomas Gillmer and Iver Franzen
  • Total length 141 ft sparred
  • Displacement 298 tons
  • Beam width 25 ft
  • Draft 12.5 ft
  • Sail area: 7600 sqft.
  • Engines: 2 Caterpillar 3208 @180 hp each
  • Speed under power: 9.25 knots
  • Builder: Allen C Rawl, Inc.
  • Crew 24
  • Passenger capacity 49

Oh but there’s more!

If you are unaware as I was the US Mint also commemorated the New Sweden Tercentenary with it’s own half dollar issue. Oddly, dated 1936, Minted in 1937, then Issued in 1938.
So remember this could be one tough FINAL JEOPARDY ANSWER.

The 1936 Delaware Swedish tercentenary Half Dollar
Commemorative Reverse Commemorative ObverseImage source under Public Domain

0.900 Silver, 12.5g
Reference KM#179
Engraver: Carl L. Schmitz
Mintage 25,000 less approx.4,000 melted down

And if you're thinking like I did of acquiring this US version coin as to make a nice matched set, think again. With no more than 21,000 minted and the remaining 4,000 melted down it will be an expensive endeavor. Numista estimates $267 USD and I haven’t seen many on Ebay.

The Match Game

Match the most appropriate Silver Stacking Pirate Captain of #ladiesofssg4eva of the Swedish Silver 2 Krona Kalmar/Calamare Nyckel Vessel coin. 🙄 Hint: Think Swedish…

American Captain @dfinney ,American Captain @silversaver888, or Swedish Captain @saffisara! And leave the Canadian out.



1. My own pictures shot with a Samsung SM-A530W
P. Image under Pixabay
R. Clip art from 123RF
W. Wiki Commons

The Website of the Kalmar Nyckel: Tall Ship with a Broad Reach
Wiki: The Sailing ship Kalmar Nyckel
The 1936 Delaware Swedish tercentenary Half Dollar
The Modern Kalmar Nyckel


“Et lux in tenebris to serve laboro, sum sicarius” “I work in the shadows to serve the Light, I am an Assassin”

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Cool Post, but I have an alternate translation:

Calamare Nyckel

I was hoping that meant Calamari for 5 Cents :D

Keep Rocking it, @kerrislravenhill! 💋

Thought of that as a shtick;
Phonetic mis-expressions and Autocorrect disasters.
Maybe when I have the luxury of extra time and brain power. But I'd love a plate of hot fresh calamari with tangy dips for a cheap price. 🦑🐙
And don't forget to take the Multi vitamins with Iodine supplement, that Fukushima disaster.

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Ohh and... I looove this #ladiesofssg4eva

This 1938 2 Krona isn't the only version.
There's also the 1988 100 Kroner/Krona;
And the gold 1000 Kroner coin;
Happy Hunting Sister @saffisara

Oh my goodness... what a beautiful specimen of 2 Krona New Sweden Tercentenary Commemorative!!! Where did you find such an awesome coin?! And where have you been hiding such a lovely piece? I must have one. I love both the obverse and the reverse. An awesome pick-up, my sweetest stacking sis @kerrislravenhill and thank you for sharing an amazing find of a coin.
Have a fantastic (your) weekend the next 2 days, my sweetest sis @kerrislravenhill, take care 🥰🌺🤙 and a million Hugs and Kisses 🤗💕💋!!!! (ps. Just got back from Church. Had to visit and have tea with some ladies after)

When I saw this on a random search I had to get it. At least AU condition and bit my tongue on the premium but clawed some back on the Ebucks. A beautiful ship and s coin worthy of my Pirate Stacking style. ⛵⚔🏴‍☠️👍💐

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It is a beautiful coin!!! But this moji-you... is AMAZING, sis... and your real life features are very evident in this one! Lovely!!! 🥰🌺🤙

Love it! Love it!! I used to be a volunteer sailor on the Kalmar Nyckel until I plum ran out of extra time. It's an awesome ship!

Wow... That is soo awsome 😉👍 must have been such a cool experience. I was onboard on Gothenborg ship when it was in my hometown and I have to say, if I ever got a chance to sail on a ship like that or Kalmar nyckel I would be happy 😁 lol

They're great ships! It's amazing that we as a people were able to explore the world on them.

Wow, did you get to fire the cannon? When I ever get the chance I'd sign up for the package to fire the beast!

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Haha, no, I did not get to fire any of the cannons on it, but I certainly did get to move them. They're heavy beasts!

My friend, the info you gave about size, weight and silver purity of the reverse of the Swedish coin is different from the info of the obverse...
About the American commemorative:
Wonderful article!

Thank you @ronaldoavelino , I rushed this article today due to pressing personal demands.
Edited out the text fragment left over from the 1933 One Peso article and revised the value.

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I seriously need one of those

These are not too uncommon, and like many coins the trick is to find a specimen that's better than MS 60 at a good price, whereas mine is AU ish somewhere. I got to learn to grade 🤔

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I will look them up once my life gets semi back to normal chaos instead of total mayhem. It takes practice Raven

Thank You @kerrislravenhill I learned alot reading your post Today on #PirateSunday.......I Guess I Learned that Britain were PIRATES in Sinking the Kalmar Nyckel. Dirty Bastards !!!

That was a contest over valuable fishing grounds between the Dutch and the British, the Kalmar Nyckel was sunk in effort to protect Dutch fishing ships. Today the EU dictates won't allow English to fish in this and other areas and opened it to other countries. Kharma. Fate. Divine justice?
And GB now wants out of the EU.
Thanks for commenting @stokjockey.

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I am swedish and I feel ashamed to say I don’t have that coin 🙈 but I absolutly love it and like I told you before that Will be my next mission to get one.
Thank you so much for sharing this Kerri and I truly learned alot that I didn't know before and history is Something I love.
Beautiful coins and I looove that ship and have seen that before but not The coin.
Amazing choice for piratesunday 😍❤️💋 much love

@alliedforces curate

You got some love from a member of @thealliance family!
Keep up the great work and join us in The Castle sometime!
The #spreadlovenotwar curation campaign is under the guidance of witnesses @enginewitty and @untersatz.
Current VP: 93.02%

There is a heavy Swedish influence in Delaware, where the original Kalmar Nyckel originally landed, and where the current ship is based. Check out the flag of the City of Wilmington:,_Delaware. The flag of the city of Philadelphia is also inspired by Swedish blue.

The ship is based near "Old Swedes Church," named for obvious reasons. The original name of Wilmington was Fort Christina, named after Queen Christina, and the river that runs through it is still named the Christina River. In fact, the school district in my neighbourhood is also the Christina School District. There's a tonne more that I won't bore you with.

There is so much ground to cover here alright with over a million Swedes immigrating in a period 1870 to 1910 like many settled in Minnesota (The Minnesota Vikings lol), then add the Finns and then the Russians.... so before Ellis Island there was New Sweden.

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Very interesting nice to see the linked coins. Some nice pieces thanks for sharing 💯🐒

And sometimes I get a chuckle when Rwanda issues Famous Sailing ships when the country is basically landlocked from the ocean.
Liberia issuing a commemorative of George Washington, Cook , Nuie, Tuvalu Islands likewise issue themes not associated with their histories.
While some countries may share the same historical events , why not let others join the party? It will certainly make collecting more FUN!
Thanks for your comment @vibeof100monkeys

Yes but hey its commemorative there are not rules haha 💯🐒

Goin with Saffi for the coin :P
Quite the history behind it too.

Thanks @enginewitty ,
I didn't want to make it look too obvious. 😉🏴‍☠️⚓⛵

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Stunning Silver coins 2kerrislravenhill and a Piratesunday post to match!!😀

I usually put a bit of work and passion into what I write. Have to work on the odd spelling and grammatical errors, as I'm often working on my writing at times when resources are available and under fatigue. Accessibility to the family desktop computer is a constant hassle.
Thanks for the comment @silvertop

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Such is family life @kerrislravenhill....So nice that you share with us !😀

Yay! Captain? I thought for sure I would just be a deckhand or boatswain.

Those are some lovely ship coins.

Beautiful collection 💕💐

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You've may have noticed that I am building my collection on the Maritime History theme. And makes this a lot of fun for me. Thanks @clitadias

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