Twelve Days of Hodling PLKN

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Good day Steemheads!

I just want to share what it feels like to be a PLKN holder.

I only hodl 100+ PLKN on my SE WALLET for about twelve days now but do you know what @plankton.token gives me in return? DAILY FREE MONEY. Yes, you read that right! Just by hodling 112 PLKN tokens, I earn a passive income of 0.020 STEEM. It may sound so little but that's daily and I don't do anything other than staking it! Staking PLKN means getting your PLKN token locked up, no sell orders and no transfers (except for those who run a challenge that rewards PLKN). Not only that, I also get upvotes from @mermaidvampire and @plankton.token once a day! Awesome, right?

Everyday I receive FREE money as passive income. That's what I ever wanted before and Plankton made that possible plus the awesome community it has, I couldn't ask for more!

Please check out these cool peeps for their awesome contests and challenges:

Do you know that @plankton.token gives upvotes and free money for PLKN holders? Read about it here



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Thank you everyone for dropping by!
Hugs and kisses,


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you nailed it!
now here's another token for you.
thanks for the shout-out.


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Congrats! Plankton holder...same here, iba talaga if may Plankton ka...

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Because every plankton counts ;)

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