Never Ending Winter

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Never Ending Winter

Attached to the ones who took everything and said goodbye
Looking for a reason to convince oneself to try

Standing above the crowd, between the clouds, thinking I can fly
Got no time for doubts, going in tonight

I'm just a visitor here, I'm looking to explore
I never had it all, that's why I never ask for more

Give me a piece of your mind, this is all I'm looking for
I'll turn your words into weapons so we can go to war

We need to push, it's up to me and you to save the world
I heed the call of nature, something that I can't ignore

It's freezing cold, and with my back against the wall
There's nothing that I wouldn't give or do to bring back the fall

I'm only human after all, shoot me and watch me bleed
I would do anything just to get everything I need

I would deceive my competition just to take the lead
Expect my early demise, looks like I'm blinded by greed

A long winter always meant a long summer to come.

It's all about perspective.

Original Poetry by @lordneroo
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