Reggae fantasy (Poem)

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Souce: Pixabay

Reggae fantasy

The moon discovers the secrets
of the stillness of the soul
fathomless roads
for shadows.

It rains gently overnight
and the cold winds
open windows, move the curtains,
my eyes see you asleep under the covers.

Reggae music notes
out of my guitar
air caress your breathing
in deep sleep.

Barefoot path
toward the light.
I invoke the challenge with my music
of love lost.

Original poem @marcybetancourt
© 2020, Marcy Betancourt. All rights reserved

Thank you for reading
Infinite greetings!

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Thank you for bringing some unique flare and flavor to reggaesteem through your deep-rooted poetry

Thank you for your reading and comment. It's a poem with reggae soul

You are welcome. Ty for blessing with some much needed reggae soul

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Music from start to finish!

Night melody accompanying our secrets


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A wonderfully written poem; emotional and thought-provoking!

Thank you very much for your kind comment