To My Daughter On Her First Birthday

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Hey Steemians,

I hope you all are enjoying the festive season in the various ways that you do. Be it alone, and enjoying the solace or spending it with friends and family. whichever way you are spending it, i'm sending you good thoughts and vibes. I hope you are happy.

It's been a bit of a wild year for me. yera 1 of being a mommy and holding on to being mimi for dear life. at first it was less mimi and more mommmy, but the old girl is making a comeback. And she is a better person. A little bit different, but still mimi.

So the little bugger turned one just over a week ago. and i wrote this little poem for her. Been wanting to share as it sums up the progression nicely.

It's cheesy but real. And i guess just how i feel. Let me know what you thought?


You turn one soon,
How time has flown by

A short while ago all day you lay curled up in my arms
The only way you keep still and calm
While in mommy's head sets off a thousand alarms
Panicked, hungry, helpless I prayed
Hopeful we get through this dreaded day

But as time went by so did the dread
Except on some nights when all I want is to crawl into bed
But you refuse to settle after a long day
And although you should be resting you choose to play

A whimsical creature my sweet girl has become
With the will of dragon and laughter as bright as the sun
From crawling to standing to dancing on the spot
You progress at lightning speed showing us all you got

And although I miss the part of me that was wild and free
I would miss you a thousand times more if you ever seized to be

Happy 1st Birthday My Hayla Bear
Love You Always, Mommy


Well done to all moms who have survived another day, you are all my heroes

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Happy birthday to your daughter. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the well wished joey. And thanks for stopping by!

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Wow dude!! He has emotions!!?? And look at you high roller!! Thanks for the generous tip!!

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Happy Birthday to your kid!!!! :)

Thank you! Have an awesome day and thanks for stopping by!

Beautiful poem. My little one is turning one next month so i totally can relate😭.

thanks mama! and well done to year! hi5 to you for keeping you both alive lol! its was my first so a real eye opener for me! after being married for 7 years with no kids it was quite an adjustment! how are you coping?

Good thank you it is baby number two it was an intense year full of adjustment as well but all full of incredibles moments a bit of a mix between chaos and heaven if this can kind of make sense.

Makes perfect sense. These adorable terrorists creep into your heart. 2!! You are a hero!! But like it did with 1 I'm sure its getting easier as you go along.

Good poetry ms..

Thank you sir!! I haven't written in a very long time. I guess I just needed some inspiration

Wishing you and yours all the best in 2020, @mimismartypants!

And to you nova!! May you have an amazing year!!

Happy B Day to your daughter and remember the journey as best you can. Thanks for sharing!

thanks so much! crazy how time flys!



Happy birthday to your daughter! That is a very beautiful poem, though why did you post this in #technology?

thank you very much! im not sure how you found it under tech, i'm pretty sure i didnt post under there, see my tags:


Weird, sorry about wasting you're time, I might have been on the wrong tab I guess.

All good

This is really good

Thanks so much. It just kinda happened...

The first birthday is so memorable. It marks one whole year of succesful parenting. If you got that down, you can do all that follows.
Best of fortune to you and your child in the coming new year.

A badge is needed. I survived the craziest ride of my life and I still can't get off. Here's to making it up as we go along!! Thanks for the kind words. Sending good vibes your way!

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Thank you for sowing dom love!

Happy birthday to your daughter

Thanks so much for the birthday love!! Much appreciated!!

i think so, its very herd work...

All in a days work. It's amazing how you just adjust. Less time for you. More time helping them not kill themselves 😂😂

Aw, beautiful. That tension between love and fear... motherhood is something SPECIAL. I hope you have handwritten this to keep for her xx

PS seized = grabbed. Ceased = stopped. Hope you don't mind this tiny correction on your lovely heartfelt poem! 💚❤💚❤💚❤💚❤

Thanks so much. It's one hell of a ride hey. All I know is I appreciate my mom and all moms so much more.

I'm toying with preservation strategy. Think creating her an email account might be a good start.

Thanks for the tip. You are completely correct. Don't know why I didn't see it. Guess typing from my phone...

You are doing great...😉 👍

thanks! lets hope so! as long as we keeping them alive right! also your handle made me chuckle!

Happy birthday to your little kid. :)

Thanks so much dude. We survived an eventful year..