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Once upon a time
You came to me
And caught me in surprise.

I never suspected anyone
Would love me
Like you did.

You looked at me with adoration
And did everything I wanted
And more.

But was it love?

Or was it simply infatuation?

Or a dream of codependence?

At a point you stopped
And learned to say no
And quit your deeds.

I don’t know who is more selfish
You the one who ceased
Or me the one who wishes you'd keep on.

I'd trade my desires
Just to keep you around
Though what good does that do me?

I'll have you around
But doing nothing for me
And only hurting yourself.

So I stand in the middle
On the fence
And desire only what you desire.

For that keeps the peace.

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Greetings :)
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Thanks! I really appreciate it!

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