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Wounded and bleeding,
We continue to fight.

But I have not been fighting for you,
In my fear I have fought against you.
I have not given you space.
I have not allowed you to heal.

"Let her go"
The voice in my head whispers.
"Let her go"
I cry and fight it.

But I must let you go.
I must let you find your way.
I must give you room to come back,
Should that be the path you follow.

Compulsion isn't love,
Aggression isn't respect.
I can't grip you with an iron fist,
Though my soul cries to see you gone.

You know my desire,
You know my passion,
You know what brings me joy.

And it's up to you,
All of it.

It means nothing if forced.
It means less if insincere.

Do what you do my love,
I'll always be here waiting.

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Nicely written, I love the content and the arrangement of the poem.

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Thank you!