My love has no birth and no death - A poem

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My love has no birth
and no death -

I was unearthed with assorted diamond ornament, made of unusual love, within my torso

No one named me, travelled the mortal world with three-four pseudonyms

Assumed fire as light, light burned
my hands

Mingled with the magical rotary spin of obscurity, wanted to see the people in darkness

Some gave me crown, some gave
thousand curses

O love! I loved thou ..that was my birth armor; I don't have fear

My love ... has no birth
and no death

Note: This is my attempt to translate one Bengali poem titled "Janmo Hoyna, Mrityu Hoyna" by Sunil Gangopadhyay to English

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Very good, we reblogged to thousand followers.. So many thanks to approve @puncakbukit as witness.

Many thanks


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I think it is wonderful :)

many thanks

The poetry is on a deep level something really great.

Many thanks

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Beautiful, expresses real feelings

I am glad that you liked

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many thanks