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There are a lot of tribes that were formed since their introduction earlier in 2019. Most have done very little while a few have started offering features that could make an impact down the road.

However, my question is what will be the most successful tribe in the coming year?

While the term success is a relative one, it is something that we can leave open-ended for our philosophical discussion.

One tribe that I want to put into the ring for discussion is the POINT token.

Here is a comment that was placed on Discord the other day.


To me, this is a statement that stands out. Thus far, I feel that Steemleo is one of the more successful tribes that was formed. We are seeing a lot of wonderful features added to their platform which is likely to yield dividends in the future. The next exciting feature to go live is the Leostore which will enable people to sell products and services on LEO using the token.

The advantage to mirroring Steemleo is they did a lot of things right. They did not see a massive sell-off of their except for the initial burst after the airdrop. Instead, they witnessed a solid footing established for the token with one of the highest staking rates I have seen. In other words, there is a group of people who really want to hold this token.

Some of them are involved in the POINT project.

So why does this have the potential to be the most successful tribe?

Simply because combining the lessons from the early days of Steemleo coupled with the potential market could be a major winner. The field of politics and current events is enormous. It actually dwarfs that of finance in terms of people who pay attention.

At the same time, we see a passionate bunch. Ask most who would use a site like that what they think of Donald Trump and you will get a pretty passionate answer. The same holds true for Brexit. In other words, these people are very interested parties.


This is something that the POINT project can tap into. On of the biggest drawbacks to blockchain and cryptocurrency so far is engagement. Well, these people are engaged. This is something that could be leveraged to grow the user base.

We could also see the success magnified if the team behind the project instills a number of use cases for the token to help keep the price strong. As we saw with a few tribes, there are a number of tokens that people receive yet immediately dump. The price has continued downward without an end in sight.

Another factor in this is there is already a solid base of politics/government followers on Steem. I see a number of posts by a few known individuals in the "alt-media" world already. Having these people adding the POINT tag to their posts is simply a matter of education.

Going back to the comment, I focused in on the part about "making it worth holding". Many are looking for the 100x token. Which one will have a massive run in the future?

When a project sets out to ensure the token price is supported, it stands a much better chance of success. Of course, the ultimate variable will be the people who end up using the network. Unless we see an influx of users to make these projects grow, the token price will, eventually, reflect that.

This is the challenge the entire cryptocurrency world faces.

That could be changing a bit. I believe 2020 is going to be a pivotal year for this industry. Great strides were made in development meaning that there are options available which are fairly user friendly. While there is still a bit of a curve, we can see how much easier it is today compared to a few years ago.

All this bodes well for the projects that are already running. They say the time to innovate, accumulate, and develop is when the bear is on a tear. This means those projects (or individuals) who put in the efforts during the dark days will really benefit upon the reversal.

Most who are active on Steem already understand that point.

Tribes offer another option for people to grow their holdings. Many are not going to perform very well. There are going to be, however, a few that are golden nuggets.

So tell us, which tribe do you think will be the raging success of 2020?

If you are interested in politics or current events, head over to the site.


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Hey Taskmaster4450,

The possibilities are huge. Imagine the passion that grips people in political discussions.

Also consider Political Ads on the site.

Grassroot campaigns, using the site to get some traction and even fundraise.

We are very early in our planning stages, opening up the Tribe to those on Steem, but we have a long way to go and a large amount of potential.

I think the POINT tribe has huge potential.

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I feel that I should explain that comment a bit more so people understand the context.

The fundamental question that is being answered by cryptocurrency is “what drives value?” We see lots of projects rise and fall, often rapidly.

The ones that survive find a match between a group of people and a use or utility function. For those who want to get deep in the weeds, this proves the Austrian theory of subjective utility.

So how does that apply to talking point and the POINT token? The utility of talkingpoint.co is that it is a place where people can come together and discuss and argue political issues without fear of censorship. Once your data is on the blockchain nobody can take it away. This is unlike the current places people discuss politics like Facebook and twitter where you can get shadowbanned, banned outright, have your content deleted, and so on.

The engagement of actual people doing actual things is what creates value.

The POINT token is a proxy for that value created by you, me, and all of us together. It will gain significant and long lasting value if and when enough people come to see this virtual place as a thing worth having.

The current phase of the project is simply getting the word out. That’s why I am passing out upvotes like candy. Any engagement is to be rewarded. That’s why I’m posting things to twitter and reddit: to let people outside of the steem ecosystem know about this new tool they have available.

When that day comes that the community continues to grow without my and others direct promotion, then we will focus on other aspects of tokenomics.

Thank you for adding to the post. It is a very solid sounding project and looks like it is being lined up in a manner where it will take advantage of the growth that is ahead of Steem.

I think you are right. The fact that Facebook and YouTube is on the banning/censoring spree means that more are going to be aware of the value that blockchain provides i.e. their post or comments cannot be banned or taken down. Once it is posted to the blockchain, there it remains.

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POINT could be an amazing tribe, due to some anticipated controversial topics and no censorship / free speaking opinion of the users.

Posted via Steemleo | A Decentralized Community for Investors

It most certainly could. Censorship in politics is a pertinent issue. Having the ability to post and not have one's words disappear is becoming more important as twitter and youtube go on their sprees.

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It should be added that POINT also listens to #news and #politics. This means, that it already is rewarding people that have yet to learn about POINT. Since they use these other tags, their posts become eligible for POINT upvotes.

The steem community rather needs a nice frontend to aggregate content on the blockchain, not shiny condenser forks that filter by tag. The goal should be decentralisation without fragmentation. Those "tribes" stuff is to my mind not going into a direction to solve that. They seem to misunderstand fragmentation for decentralisation. Any bullshit token with no real use will be gone by 2021 for sure.

Agreed on quite a bit, I think very , very few tribes are going to make it. POINT sounds promising and Neoxian /Leo seems to also be shining examples. A few others who were killin' it in the beginning are imploding from the inside bigtime imho, will be a sorting process that's for sure and by the looks of how some do biz it's a very good thing :)

Everything a community focused on a topic would need, can be done on steem with just the steem Native Token - so why bother creating a shittoken?

I agree, if something is made just for a joke or fun fine but when it gets to a point of people being nasty about shiznat pennies is pointless. Plus the hope is to turn them right around to Steem, even though I collect them for fun , others sink in a lot of time and money on them and it's like a Leprachaun guarding a pot of gold.
I read of maybe there will be a way for them to be exchanged for other tokens?
that's not very 'newsteem' imho, anyhow, agreed

It could be, because the politic is a largest and greatest topic to explore in writing and speaking as well.

Highly rEsteemed!

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