Asking Permission For Protesting Doesn't Seem Like Protesting

in politics •  2 months ago  (edited)

When planning a protest, asking for permission from your overlords shouldn't be required. That isn't protesting. That is tyranny. And so on the surface, I am happy to see many people might not be pleased with such a prospect, the idea that they won't be able to engage in protests in public without getting their permission slip first. And so they take to the streets in response; all non-violent actions.

A government-approved protest is obedience.

After the recent law was passed in Greece there were thousands who took to the streets to protest and not every person out there might have been peaceful. It all quickly escalated into a scene between the people and the enforcers like that which we have seen play out many times before across media channels around the world.

As a result of the protests it is reported that several people were injured, including officers, several others were detained and questioned.

The controversial bill was approved, the vote was 187-101 in parliament.

Some reports suggest that as many as 10k protesters showed up to express their rage over the move to pass this legislation.

There are ways to protest without seeking permission that don't disrupt 'an entire city', as some lawmakers suggested they were looking to avoid that scenario by making moves to impose such restrictions on what are commonly considered to be protected rights in a free society.

A tyrannical government is one which requires you to ask permission first before attempting to peacefully assemble. There are already rules in place to deal with those who disrupt traffic, destroy private property, or engage in other wrongdoings, and further restriction isn't needed under the guise of safety, and only works to further limit individual liberty of the people.


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