Fremont Police Chief Vows to Find Child Predators

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The Police Chief in Fremont recently insisted that more investigations are coming against predators in the community.

They've been investigating threats in the community such as child sex predators for some time now, and police there recently arrested at least 10 people after an investigation into a child sex ring in the region. The chief vowed that similar police operations could be expected to be underway.

It was a joint operation of several agencies that worked together to find those alleged predators and to bring them to justice.

They hope that they are going to catch more.

Predators, not drug busts, should be their priority not only in this jurisdiction but around the country and the world.

It wasn't that long ago that the same police chief was asking a vigilante group, known as Dads Against Predators to stop posting their videos online.

In recent years there have been various groups that have sprung up around the world, seeking to help the police and find predators online, then video them to expose them of their alleged intentions or wrongdoing. But this can be risky, pose great harm to all parties involved, and police in many circumstances have urged people 'not to take the law into their own hands' and engage in this sort of street justice.

It's clear that people want law enforcement to be doing more on this front.

Those groups are evidence of that, there is a great demand for people who want to address and purge this threat from their communities. And we have plenty of tools available to try and go about doing it in creative ways.

Multiple stings have been planned and thousands of people worldwide have been arrested for this sort of wrongdoing. The problem still persists and there are many more to find. These predators pose more of a threat to communities and families than any marijuana plant. Focus for police resources around the country should be on this urgent matter, and other violent issues, not the drug war.


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Gatekeepers will control narratives. That's what they do. It is interesting to consider that cops will be able to bust more predators when there's more predators to bust, no? Also, that vigilante groups that organically arise tend not to respect influence as formal institutions dependent on politics must, which should be considered in relation to Epstein and the many, many arrests of his clientele that have sprung from government seizure of his blackmail files.

Oh, wait...


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