Bulgaria in a time of worldwide crisis

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At first I intended to use images of the protests in Bulgaria in order to better illustrate the situation in the country with the reservation that this will be the first and the last time when I use somebody else’s images for my own posts.

But then I thought better of it – protest images are available all over the internet, especially on Facebook, and what an artist am I if I use other people’s work. So 😌:


Bulgaria is now in a deep political, economic, financial, ideological and moral crisis.

Like ever.

Today I found out that there is no such thing as independent journalism and independent media here, because the media is owned by particular individuals who are either supported by or against the government. And if you’re looking for information about someone or something on the net, you’ll find either eulogies or condemnations depending on the media ownership.

Personally, I build my opinion based on my intuition and I also check the information at least twice in different sources. Because there are so many people, journalists, historians, parties and organizations that tend to twist the truth, destroy documents and deliberately change the history. I also watch broadcasts where opponents present different points of view, because there are too many broadcasts and televisions that present only the one viewpoint and invite guests who are telling tearful stories in order to push the buttons of certain target audience.

I also do not believe that foreign journalists could cover the events accurately, because in most cases they just retell the point of view of the one or the other media or both of them, but they cannot understand the essence of our deeply Bulgarian problem.


At the beginning of the protests in the capital city and in the largest cities in the country, the Communist Party declared their mission to rehabilitate the democracy in the country and an infamous criminal with 18 criminal charges hiding in Dubai declared his mission to restore the rule of low.

I hope these absurd statements don’t sound funny only to me.

But the people in the streets don’t seem to be bothered by them.


They don’t seem to be bothered even by the fact that the protests are being openly organized through Facebook by the criminal in Dubai. They say, they would go to protest anyway.


But when I observe the faces in the crowd, I see many young people who have not yet formed their life position and opinion. And I also see many old “wolves”, many well-known political figures from all the parties that have their roots in the old Communist Party waiting to grab a bigger piece of the pie.

Have you ever witnessed the feeding of the wolves in a wild park like Kasselburg Castle, for example? These people with their open actions in the protests are as scary as the scene of a feeding of a wolf with fresh meat.


Someone or a group of people is now profiting by the energy of the crowd accumulated during the lockdown. And it’s a pity that this is happening not only in Bulgaria, but in many other countries, even in USA. Some people are just profiting by the pandemic and the world crisis.

Other people are writing their books in crowd psychology to prove once again that the crowd is made up of people deprived of the ability to think and to see the things clearly.

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It is indeed sad. Anger and frustration piled up for too many people. There will always be opportunistic people who will take advantage of the masses.

There pretty much isn't "independent anything" anymore it would seem... but we need to fight that. Nice to see the CLARITY you hold! It is horrific here in SA too! !tip

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Thanks, @jaynie!

Only a pleasure :)

The main reason people are "deprived of the ability to think and to see things clearly" appears to me to be because the current systems of governance are rigged to favour those who designed and implemented them, instead of being equitable.. These systems are not pure democracy, but instead are democracy with violence.

There is however a potential new system which can enable pure democracy, but it is not in place yet. Perhaps you would take a look @soulsdetour to help it become available.

The Matrix-8 Solution:


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Thank you for sharing your interesting point of view, @atma.love! I am far from the idea that an idealistic social order could be created anymore. I just hope that people's ignorance could be at least reduced.

My understanding is that "the people" are but projections/reflections of true self, so if i no longer ignore within and am open to all possibilities, then apparent ignorance without will disappear.

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@soulsdetour, where do you live exactly?

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In Bulgaria.

Аз също съм от България. Кой град?