Steemit Portrait Photography Contest Week 101

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Dear Friends,

I saw there's a lot of wonderful pictures on Steem and I wanted to participate to this portrait contest.

Here is my first participation to the weekly contest by @portraitcontest where the theme of this week is "Male Portraits".

For this, I took my Dad old portrait picture at his age of 13. That picture was taken in 1975 in Kinshasa's streets with our old photographic apparel.

I will always remember the day I bring that portrait and more of them, it been 10 years ago when I go back to the first time to my country DRCongo. Lot of emotions and moreover; I love this picture aha, it's a real oldies.


I apologise in advance for the poor quality but it's really an old photo that I will preserve all my life.

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Thanks for your visit to my post and taking the time to comment... have some $trdo 😉

Thank you too much @pixelfan, your posts are for me always appreciate :) By the way; thank you to stop by my blog 😃

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Thank you for sharing this precious picture ... I cherish pictures like this of my parents and ancestors too!

Sorry for my late answer and thank you very much @deeandmathews :)
Oh good, it's nice to know and I think we all have to cherish theses old pictures is precious

Message us on Discord 😍🤗❤

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