Portrait contest, week 95 - water

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These two lovely mermaids are of Russian origin, I had a pleasure of watching and shooting them at the Sebezh district (it is north-west part of the country, not far from the Lithuanian border). Only one of them made it to the pics, tho. Hope you enjoy her natural beauty!


IMG_6476  corr.jpg


taken with Canon 350d + 50mm 1.4, natural lighting

My entry #1 for #portraitcontest by @portraitcontest,

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Cool photos...I hope summer not end there fast soon 😀👌🌟

@foxkoit, it will ends in 2 weeks here.
in the start of Auguest we put on our coats again,
looked like it was winter already :/ at some moment...

well, will see what September will be like!

Иванов день? 😛

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@apnigrich, нет, это просто девы такие, креативные ужас просто! пейзанки...

Девы. 🙈 точно не парни

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абсолютно точно. есть и вторичные признаки, ну и вообще :) неужли ты подумал что парни?! @apnigrich

Да как же ж я такое мог подумать? Девы, девы... или уже не девы.

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тогда можно ещё использовать дипломатичное "барышни" @apnigrich

Loved the 2nd pic!

@blacklux, thank you, I always appreciate these fresh-eye opinions, you know. I love the last one more, and I choosed the 1st one for photoshop yoga. maybe i will do some trippi things with it!

Yaaaay! I'll wait to see the trippy version! :D

What a very classic look she has! Beautiful. I think that the Earth Goddess is always pleased when more people aim to look and dress in her gorgeousness. :)

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@artemislives, I m glad you like it... the Goddess Earth... frankly speaking, I consider the God have closed all the windows at his heavenly castle, not to look at all the shit people are doing with earth thru the last, say, 300 years...

I like your job.
The little mermaid was simply excellent.

Hello I like your
Job. The little mermaid was
Simply excellent.

                 - senattor

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

@senattor да не такая уж она и маленькая, я бы сказал, даже чутка жирненькая )))))

ах... эти девы))

дочка крестника моей девы. прекрасная художница выросла!