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"Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence, is the key to unlocking our potential."- Winston Churchill.


Human potential needs unlocking and only a smart enough move can guarantee that. Intelligence, Potential and Strength are needed in life but then, there is not one being alive that doesn't have these in them.

We are all created with these abilities and no matter how small or frail our strengths and intelligence may be, we have will always have something ton present in these areas.
Potential however is not like intelligence and strength, it does not answer to the stuffs we know or the muscles we have, it answers to our ability to discover the key to unlocking it for great gains.

Truth is, we are all born with strength and intelligence beyond our comprehension, what we however are not equipped with at a go, is Potential; though we have it, it is buried way deep from the surface and it can only be seen through continuous efforts.

I Feel Blessed!

We often hear words like, "that man has great potentials", "you need to unlock your potentials" etc etc and that is not a new word. it is true because it is not everyone who will live to unlock their potential, some will never be able to see it or understand what theirs is.

Bla bla bla Potential.


Potential is "having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future". key word, developing into something in the future and that goes a long way to show that, unlike strength and intelligence, it needs to be worked on and seriously pushed out into the fore otherwise, there will never be a future sighting of it.

Lean forward every time and learn to keep working no matter what. You do not need to keep putting efforts to unlock your strength or intelligence, because, it is already there and chances are, you are already using it on daily.
Potential is like a precious diamond or gold that requires serious and deep digging before it is seen.

Whenever you are driven to do something, ask yourself what it entails to be real and what it will need to become something.
Do not rely on your strength or intelligence alone. You have them already and it doesn't need serious work to get it to the fore. and always have that understanding that, you already are great with these two.

How about helping someone unlock their potentials?


I have been so blessed to be have had the opportunity to help some individuals unlock their potentials and in so doing, I was able to discover mine and also went on to unlock it. Still unlocking I guess.
The thing with life is, we do not get better or improved when we keep gathering more than is need, but when we learn to continuously put efforts to work, we become that person we were meant to be.

Potential and blockchain?

Thank goodness for the blockchain and everything else that comes with it. You can say, it was as a result of potentials being unlocked globally.
It is a great feeling to know that, muscles and book work does not guarantee success but the ability to live life based on the pursuit of our potential.

Did you know that, everyday, every minute and every second, the gift of innovation is distributed to millions of people worldwide and it only takes a man who continuously puts in work to catch the bug when it goes around?
It is simple, opportunity needs to meet preparation. If there is no effort being put in from your end, the chance at greatness will pass on to someone who is working.

Yada da yada.


Keep working and never stop at the first win. The honor role is always in front and it can never be at the back.
Unlock the keys of your life and keep improving because, one just one day, it will all makes sense what your journey is really about.

Make the world a better place for someone today!

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