DIY/ Woven sneakers for Christmas.

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Pretty boy, I surrender to you
Pretty boy, you're my God.

    This is the verse of the most sung song in Venezuelan Christmas. The Christmas carols are beautiful songs that cheer us up in the novenas of aguinaldos, the paraduras of the child, the posadas, all these are part of our traditions.

    The Catholic Church teaches us many things about the season of Advent, which is the time before the birth of the child Jesus and which prepares us for his arrival.

    When December arrives, many of us start thinking only about the holidays, the liquor, the food and what we are going to buy for the first time in the holidays, I am not against it, but we cannot forget the best part, when Christmas arrives we celebrate that God sent his only son to live among us, to teach us to love and to forgive our sins.

    Thinking about that child who was born in a poor and humble straws in the portal of Bethlehem, I want to make some woven shoes with Christmas colors, I still do not know to whom I will give them, but I'm sure it will be someone very special.


And how are we going to weave?

    I'm going to try to explain as best I can, I tried to make them look as close as possible to some I saw on the Internet, but I put my personal touch on several little things.


1v. We weave 15 chains, we put a high stitch in the 4th chain, we keep doing high stitches until we reach the last chain where we are going to put 6 high stitches in the same point. We return with high points and when arriving at the place where we weave the first high point we make 5 high points, we close with satin point.

2v. we raise a chain and we continue doing low points until the half of the sole, then we weave a high point in each point of base until arriving at where we weave the increase in the previous turn. We make 6 increases of high points, and we return in the same way, when arriving at the other end we repeat the increases but in low points and we close with satin point.

3v. We make low points until arriving two points before the increases of the previous turn, we make 2 half points and then 12 increases of high points, we return ourselves of the same form that we arrived and when arriving at the other end we make a low point in each point of base.


Shoe upper part


4v. Change the thread and make a high point at each base point, but bearing in mind that we do not grab the two strands at the base but only one, that will cause a break to lift the shoe.

5v. We start this round with half points until I lack 10 points of base without finishing, for that we fold the sole in half and count. From here we are going to weave 20 increases of high points in total, this is going to be forming the tip of our shoe, we return in the same way and close with a satin point.

6v. we weave half points and when we arrive two points before our increases of the previous round we make 7 increases and we return with half points until we finish the round with a satin point.

7v. we weave 7 low points and then we make the strap of the shoe, for that we weave 18 chains, we return ourselves weaving a high point in the fourth chain, we continue with high points until finishing the chains of base, we put ourselves with satin point jumping 2 points of the base, we continue with low points until finishing the turn with satin point, we make stitch of security and we cut the thread.


    We place a button or a pearl and decorate to our liking. As a decoration we make a point back in the tab that was formed when we raised the top of the shoe.

    I'm in love with these shoes, I've always wanted to do a project like this but I've never really been busy to do it, there are many models and shapes, but these with a Christmas touch touch touch touch touch my soul.
    I hope this work has been to your liking, in my extensive explanation I try to take a step by step as clear and simple as possible, but I know that I am not perfect to give explanations of this kind, even so I hope to give you an idea of the work I did.

    I tell you that is all for today, I am very grateful to everyone in the community for their support and for opening the doors of their hearts to me. May God pay you and multiply you in blessings for you and your families, I say bye bye friends.

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The crocheted baby shoes are so adorable and thank you for the pattern. I love the choice of red and white yarn to depict the Christmas colours, very fitting with the holidays. I am sure you will be giving them to a very special baby :)

Those look so cute Carolina. Nice work!

Dichosos serán tus nietos o nietas con esa maravillosa abuela que teje le hara cosas bellisimas, espero ver eso. Bello arañita.

Hi @carolinacardoza. Beautiful shoes. You do lovely work. Wish I could wear them :)


This reminds me of growing up... my grandmother was always creating something beautiful... Christmas, Halloween, Easter... you name it, she was making things that were relevant to the Season... while spreading her faith in God. This was a beautiful post... thank you for sharing!

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How pretty, love it!


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