Why Are So Many Food Signs Red?

Retailers and marketers know that color can convey many things. Colors have a big impact on human psychology and the advertising business pays big attention to this. They want to choose colors in their marketing that help to convey their message and connect with their customers.

So what does RED represent that causes it to be such a popular choice for food signs? Does RED promote hunger? I don't think that's the case, at least for me as a consumer.

RED brings to mind love and passion, blood and fire, rage and danger. None of those emotions would seem to entice people to a restaurant.

What else does RED signify? Well, for one thing, it's a highly visible bright color and it gets your attention. Fire engines are usually red, which signifies fire, and quickly gets your attention. A lot of the time RED things cause you to make snap decisions. If you see that fire truck or flashing red lights, you immediately have the ingrained inclination to pull over and stop. And of course, RED traffic lights and RED stop signs signal you to stop.

I'm still not sure what the significance is for RED food signs, but they are so plentiful that someone smarter than me has determined that it's the appropriate marketing strategy.

Feel free to enlighten me if have some thoughts on the subject. And now I am hungry after editing all these food signs, so maybe there is something to it after all!


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Who else wants Wendy's after reading this? I hear a 🥓 ater calling my name...

That's what I was thinking too. I actually had lunch at Panda Express - it was really good!

something most people never realized, thanks for pointing out

It just came to me as were at Panda Express for lunch that almost every sign all around that area trying to attract interstate traffic was red.

I have noticed so many have reds in them I never knew why till I red this post

And I still don't know why, lol. Just speculation on my part. Thanks for reading!

Speculation that makes sense in my mind :)

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Sneaky, sneaky marketing ✅💯 Always trying to trigger us one way or another 😂 sad but true 😆

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To be perfectly honest... I had never noticed! Now I'm also curious...