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This is an entry to @powerhousecreatives community contest by @zord189.

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My first conscious thought was brightness, before tumbling down into a darkness with dozens like me.

The next time I saw that brightness again, a man was in front of me. He lifted me high up and placed me right next to the others that looked like me.

On the high place where I sat, I saw not only brightness but a world full of color and laughter. Children of all ages ran around the place pointing at the different colorful objects around them with an adult right at their heels.

"Mum, look! This is perfect for Dex!" a boy had ran up in front of the high place where I sat, pointing at me while excitedly looking up at the woman beside him.

The said woman had crossed her arms and looked thoughtfully at me, "I don't know Ethan... He doesn't look cute enough..." she had trailed off.

"But that's exactly the point mum, Dex needs to have someone tough-looking, like him." Ethan, as I've come to know his name, looked expectantly at his mum.

I caught a brief wave of sadness from her before it was gone. The next thing I knew, I was being lifted off from my high place and into warm arms.

Ethan and his mum then had me "wrapped up and ready to go", so there I sat again in the dark, occasionally catching snippets of their voices inside this confining space.

Before I saw brightness again, I heard a voice first. This seemed to have come from someone younger, "Ethan! Is that for me???" the voice had excitedly asked.

"Yeah Dex, Merry Christmas!" Excitement, then a ripping sound before the darkness gave way to a face younger than Ethan. Vibrant green eyes stood out as I noticed the child's hairless head. He seemed frail as he sat upon this big white bed, tubes sticking out from his thin arms. This room, despite its brightness ... felt so sad.

"A teddy bear?" The child had tilted his head as he stared at me.

I heard Ethan's voice reply, though I couldn't see him from my vantage point, "Yeah... I know you wanted a puppy... but you can't have those while you're here so... I kinda thought a tough-looking teddy bear would do for now-"

"I love it!" The child hugged me tight, his thin arms surprisingly strong and warm. "Thank you Ethan, Merry Christmas." he quietly said before he returned his gaze to me, a smile slowly spreading on his face.

"I'll name you Mr. Tuffton, 'cuz you sure are one tough-looking bear!" he beamed.

Maybe I was. Maybe I could be tough for the both of us.

* * * * * * *

Author's note: This story is a work of fiction, but Mr. Tuffton is very real. He belongs to me. He is the guardian of my work area at home. He may be tough-looking, but he also gives me the toughest bear hug when I need one. I hope you enjoyed the story.

* * * * * * *


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What a lovely story, so glad that Mr Tuffton still comforts you in times of need;)

Hi @lizelle thank you for dropping by to read my story. Yes, and I just had a most satisfying hug from Mr. Tuffton too ^_^ Have a happy week! :)

thank you so much, Sarge! ^_^

What a great, heart warming story! I'm both glad that it is a work of fiction, and happier to know that the bear really is there to comfort you when needed!

I'm happy to have Mr. Tuffton as well. Thank you for the kind words! ^_^

A wonderful and poignant story, beautifully written!

Wow! thank you for the compliment. :)) thank you too for reading my story :))

You're welcome! Good luck in the contest! :)

What an heart-tugging short story! Folks will have a time beating this entry for the @powerhousecreatives community contest by @zord189 for sure!

I never had a Teddy Bear as a boy, though my birth-mother once gave me a giant stuffed dog when I was 7 years old. That was over 50 years ago and I remember that stuffed dog to this day.

Thank you so much for sharing this sweet story on the #PYPT Show! Here is !SHADE 5 as a token of my appreciation for brightening my day!

Awww that's heartwarming Sarge! Thank you so much for your support 😊😊

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This story warmed my heart, @iamraincrystal. I'm glad Tufton got a good home in the story, and has a good home in real life!

Thank you 😊😊 nothing warms the heart like a huge bear hug 😁😁

That bought a smile to my face and I could just imagine Tuffton as you bought him to life in your prose! A wonderful character plus your real Tuffton - lovely!)
Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for your support 😊😊 it's the least I could do for Mr Tuffton as he gives awesome bear hugs 😉👍

Very good, reads like a winner, I'm impressed.

You're too kind! LOL :)) thanks for reading ^_^

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Thank you for visiting! ^_^ Yey, I got four stars. I'm truly honored. :))

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