Steem Tools 2: The Steemening

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Hi Everyone,

All jokes aside, Steem Engine Tools has had some large improvements over the past entire week!!! That's right, a whole week of holiday!


Removed all the _api.php files and moved them into library files. SteemEngineAPI.php for connecting and SteemEngine.php for all the functions. This allows me to easier maintain, and with the new SteemEngineAPI.php easily add new functions in as little as 1 (ONE) line. The new format of the code scores 6/10 for coding best practice!

This took quite a while as I had to make a function with a wide range of features all in one function, so as to make my life easier. I could have missed this out and taken 4 days less, but this will only become more of a problem over time, so better to solve it now.

Frontend (What you'll care about)


Improved Balances

My balances page contains much more than the traditional S-E page. It has the following balances (bold denotes new balances):

  • Liquid - Sendable/Tradeable tokens
  • Market - Tokens currently held in the market
  • Staked - Staked Tokens
  • Delegations In - Incoming Delegations
  • Delegations Out - See how much you're delegating away
  • Pending Unstakes - Tokens in the unstake process
  • Total Owned - Total owned by you (Liquid + Market + Staked + Delegations Out + Pending Unstakes)

Has sorting as well as search, to hopefully make it more useful.


Market Orders

Nothing too special, just shows what you are buying and selling, so you don't have to go to the market tab and can see if you have any tokens locked up!


Rewards (A.K.A Mystical Monies)

Before, you couldn't really tell where your rewards were coming from/how profitable miners are, but now you can with this tool. It shows 5 different types of rewards:

  • Curation - Voting
  • Author - Posting/Commenting
  • Staking - Staking a token
  • Mining - Staking Mining Tokens
  • Benefactor - Rewards from someone else post, where they included you as a beneficiary of the rewards.

You can use this however you want, but I think this will be the biggest feature from this update!


I've chucked some badges in for a laugh, why not? I don't know whether they'll stay or not, but we'll see...

Current Badge Holders:

Future Plans

Here are some ideas:

  • User delegations to/from
  • Hiding 0 balances
  • Rewards Grouping

Maneh$$$$ (or $TEEM)

I'm still working out how to make this into something reasonable in terms of money, remember that I've put a whole week into this and made 0 posts (except that one before this run) between it.

Current considerations:

  • STEEM Related AD space - 2 people have made offers on it
  • Donations - You know how that works
  • Subscriptions - IDK how? Maybe ad-free (if ads are implemented) subscriptions/extra features!
  • Sponsored Features - Pages with features based on what people with that $TEEM want!

Leave suggestions down below if you have any!

Have a wonderful day ahead and don't forget to check out Steem Engine Tools
~ @cadawg

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Nice work. Now let's see if I can use this comment to come back here around the 15 min mark.

I would feel like this gif if I can pull it off. Going to add text to this GIF later ("MRW I'm trying to time curation")

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Thanks! I think you missed it LOL

Yeah had to go to the grocery. Life doesn't wait for curation.

Unless I want the wife to whoop my ass. Lol

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LOL. The second I read this comment the payout went Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! That's a shame. Preparing yourself for the hardf--k I see =)

I upvoted and resteemed and am talking about you in my latest post, i corrected title when i mixed your tools up with @blockchainstudio but they are both similar and I would rather keep mixing you two up so i have an excuse to talk about two devs and two projects simultaneously

Its like if i tell you about a Chevvy prius... There is no chevvy prius, its a toyota prius, but I just compressed all 3 into just 2 words chevy prius, it included toyota but its silent

This reminds of a story about fast mapping

inertia taught me about fast mapping or more just taught me of the word .. concerning my noticing of Golos cyberfund marina or whatever, trying to figure out how golos worked on the fly :D lol and I think i noticed how its healthy behavior for children but maybe not a blockchain involved adult but hey this has nothing to do with steem tools

BUT if no one else is gonna comment i can just leave this bit of humor here for the ages, maybe someone will find it in the future

heres a GIF about steem engine

Ok, side note: I'm in the UK so "chevvys" aren't really a thing here LOL

Cool analogy. Keep mixing us up and using our stuff! =)

Lol 4 hrs 😝 I like random rants 👌 toyevyius 🤣🤣🤣

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Hey. I don't see anywhere to click to see my tokens and balances. Is there a link somewhere?

It's under the "User Profiles"



Hell yea thank you @prettynicevideo for resteeming this!

Been looking for a stats page for the tokens, thank you @cadawg

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Thank you for dropping by!

The Belebens support you all the way and thanks for this tool, I know the hard work you've put into it. It's the most decent SE tool I have seen and I am not saying this because you are my friend, I'm saying it because FACT. It's also the best you have made for Steem, so far. Look at you evolving like a Pokemon! Hahaha! Cheers!

Belebens to the moon! Thanks a lot <3

Science Birb does a science

Hahaha! Youtube pays those kind of vids about birbs. Beer doesn't work. Let's try !COFFEEA


coffeea Lucky you @cadawg here is your COFFEEA, view all your tokens at Vote for c0ff33a as Witness

Yes, was wondering if you would do ads or something.

@ackza would like to buy an ad for Ass Token @cadawg

Yup, it'd be nice to have it at least break-even LOL

Can we have virtual !BEER for this?


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Excellent work thanks 👍

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Very yes 😂.

Thanks man!

Great tool and I'm loving the update. My favourite is the profile tab

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Now all the other tabs are sad! LOL JK. Have a great day.


Looks nice. With pictures on it.. lololl. Gotta have them pictures. Right on.

Gotta have them pictures otherwise it's like Wow! You did a wall of text congrats.

NICE! Awesome work. I love my badge :D I hope you find a sustainable way to support your work, ads sounds like a no-brainer and at least you’ll have something until you think of something better :-)

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Thanks. Glad you like it! I guess I'd better start the bidding LOL

Haven't seen this tool before. Very neat :)

The next time I post about it, you can't say that! Thanks for dropping by =)

I would love to vote this with more Steem because it deserves more for the effort and for visibility but I am just a poor boy so let me just give you a gift in your wallet. Keep rocking!

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Firstly, Thanks! Secondly, 5k SP is not "Poor". Third, Doggo in Discord for you! Fourth, Stahp it u millionaire ROFL!

Have a good day, Google AdSeNsE,
~ @cadawg

The donate tab works, awesome tool! Sent you donation because I want the zero balances removed, they annoy me so much in SE. Hahaha! More werk werk werk for you!

Thanks! =)

Thanks for using the hashtag but you spelt it wrong its #bilpcoin once changed reply for a upvote

I wanna see you compete with @bleepcoin

BILP'd =)

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Spelt sander?

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I made it! ALONG with the hard fork!!! Might regret that later LOL

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