Power Up Day is Coming... Again

in pud •  8 days ago 


I have done it couple times in the past. I am thinking about doing it again.
Power Up Day is like bunch of people powering up their tokens on the 1st day of every month.
Sometime there are special PUD events going on and some prizes and stuff.

I am not sure exactly what stuff is going on... I haven't done much research. Normally I don't qualify for those events or I don't follow the instructions so I don't get anything but it is kind of fun... I think.
I don't have many tokens to power up right now but I think I will do it just a little bit 🤣
ETH started powering up and celebrating its 5 year birthday I might use that money haha idk.
Anybody else powering up tomorrow?



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I will be powering up the little I have. I have distracted myself with dcity as all my tokens are on dcity

Hahaha how is dcity? good🤔

Dcity is addictive and its a good investment vehicle in my opinion for now

ahhh nice!

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