Quarantine Life: Day 70, Strict Implementation of the Quarantine

Source: Pixabay

I have heard from many people in our province that the strict implementation of the rules during the ECQ and GCQ is absent. Of course, there might be some applying the rules, while many has been too loose to let people in and out of each territory. In fact, there are some people coming from Manila or other provinces who are fetched by their town authorities. That led to more persons under investigation or persons under monitoring.

Coronavirus cases

Positive cases with coronavirus shot to 5.4 million worldwide already. Fatalities already exceeded 345k, with recoveries at 2.17 million. United States continue to surge at a slower pace now at 1.676 million cases. Deaths is now at 98k, with 341k recovered.

The number of cases here in the Philippines already reached 14,035. Fatalities slowed down too at 868, while recovered cases is 3,249. There's a new case here in my province just two towns away from our place. The massive testing was done in the town, and there they found that person is positive.

Guidelines for those entering the province

There are issues by which people are questioning why some people are allowed to enter the province. If someone will enter the borders of the province, they should have papers from the local government and health unit where the person came from. Without those papers, they will not be allowed to enter, unless those guards watching the borders do not apply the guidelines.

There are 16 currently confined persons under investigation in our province, and more than 3,000 under monitoring. The question is where did tge 454 incomplete quarantine go? That's the question being asked but was never explained.

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