Question And Answer ~ Episode 12

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Hello friends, hope you are all doing great? Well I am, with the harmattan season as it is called in this part of the world. It is windy, cold, lips getting dry, nose feels dry too, and you get lot of dust too, although not close to being cold as some other parts of the world.

So guys welcome to the first episode of #questionandanswer of the year with @bliss11, although this interview was slated for last year like I said in my previous post but due to the festivities I could not meet up with the time. But here we are and am so excited, I hope you are? Before I make known our guest for today, let us go on a commercial break....


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Hi guys, post by @heyhaveyamet attempts to bring to our notice new steemians who has just joined the platform. It makes it easier for us to meet, welcome and support them. Do well to visit their page where you get to meet new and interesting steemians with potentials...your support and assistance would go a long way to help them.


Welcome back from the short break guys, for today's episode am so excited to make known our guest for today....drum rolls.... @thekittygirl ....yay!!! Am so happy to have her here with me to start the episode this year...let's meet her.

Image used by permission from @thekittygirl

The first time I came across @thekittygirl in steem terminal, I actually thought she was a bot. I mean the way she give answers to any question asked is always amazing and she is always there to assist in whichever way she can. She is such an amazing person with only positive vibes to give. I also learned a lot thanks to her, she is patient and willing to lend a hand when needed. I am so glad to have met such a nice and sweet soul as her. So as requested by our guest, here is a photo to put in for her....

Image provided by my interviewed guest @thekittygirl

Now to the business of the day....

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What would you consider to be the best feeling in the world?

The best feeling in the world is having the ability (and compassion) to help someone, to provide the assistance they need, and then to see them go on and help someone else, in turn!

From your experience, what lesson would you want others to learn from?

Be kind to one another. We have all been through the fire in some way or other.
In fact, I wrote a post about that, earlier this year:

If you were to change something in the world, what would it be?

It would be that people would be able to accept and tolerate each other better. We have too much division between us, too much fighting over religion, politics, race, gender, ethnicity, and a host of other things. Yet, we are all human, doing the best we can in life with our understanding at any given time and with the cards we have been dealt. We should not have to pass laws to protect the elderly, the crippled, the poor, those with skin color different than our own, those who worship differently than we do — all that should come naturally, from inside us.

What is that little thing that keeps or makes you happy?

For me, it is the simple things. Hearing one of my favorite songs, a warm cinnamon bun, the Moon sailing across a starlit sky, mountains nearby, neon signs, a cute pair of shoes, a stick of fragrant incense, a snuggly blanket...

Tell us about an event you consider a miracle in your life?

That one is easy — the birth of my child. It is amazing to me that we can create precious life in such a manner!

What important item would you save out of a burning house?

Important items for me would be my phone and my laptop (or at least my backup disk drive) because that is where I store my music, my photos, and my writing. Even some of my old, precious family photos have been scanned into the computer, so that makes it valuable for sentimental reasons!

Describe your perfect day?

The perfect day for me is playing/working on the computer, listening to music, editing photos, talking to people on Discord, and writing posts on Steem. Then, stopping periodically to talk to a beloved family member or friend on the phone, getting something good to eat, perhaps taking a brief jaunt after dark to see Mother Moon or pretty lights in town.

Where is your favorite place?

My favorite place is anywhere that I can see the mountains, especially if I can access them from time-to-time. I love driving through the mountains, up-and-over them, to see what can be seen.

What do you notice first about people?

I usually take stock of the eyes, the smile, and the shoes. It is usually a woman's smile and a man's eyes that tell whether you can trust them or not. The shoes tell how they perceive themselves.

What comes first, Love or Trust?

Perhaps love should come first, but I think trust is more important because trust must be present before we feel comfortable giving love.

Wow...what an interesting time with @thekittygirl and I totally agree with you...I mean the birth of a child is a miracle, I still marvel at the possibility of being delivered of a child. More interestingly, we get "the mountain areas for her favorite place", it would be nice to get out there sone times .....but I might actually get scared there at night hehehehe.

I wish I could continue with the questions, it was such an interesting episode today with heartfelt answers from @thekittygirl. Am so honored to have you with me here on today's episode of #questionandanswer, thank you so much for your time. Do not forget, you can nominate someone you want to see featured here or you send in questions you would love to see answers to.

What important item would you save out of a burning house?

Thank you for joining me on today's episode, do have a blissful day.....I remain....Bliss.

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This was a fun interview and I am honored to have been selected to participate! Thank you! 💖

The first time I came across thekittygirl in steem terminal, I actually thought she was a bot...

Oh, I loved this comment! LOL! @enginewitty calls me KittyPedia, and @innerblocks calls me their "AI" 😁

I am thrilled to be able to spread some of the knowledge I have gained on to others, as that was done for me when I first joined the Steem blockchain! There is so much to learn here, and together, we are stronger! 😊

Am glad you enjoyed the read, you do such great work here.....and we all love you for that. Thank you so much for your time.🤗

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You really are a wealth of knowledge Kitty. Much love :P

Amazing interview @bliss11 and @thekittygirl, every one of those answers is exactly what I would have expected to come from her; thanks for the interview project Question and Answer.

Am glad you enjoyed the read,thank you for dropping by.☺

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Hahaha a bot!
She’s really that way, being everywhere and so formal. It was a lovely interview of a great beloved person. We’re all privileged of having her as our friend.
I agree most of the answers being “trust” the best one for me too.
Great job dear @bliss11!
Big hugs, best wishes and love over there ❤️

Hahaha yeah! A bot! Thank you for dropping by and enjoy the rest of the week.🤗

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Great interview again and indeed kitty is a lovely bot lady Hahahah in a fire after the kids and after the dogs I would take the hard drive and the laptop

Saw this on PYPT!

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You got some love from a member of @thealliance family!
Keep up the great work and join us in The Castle sometime!
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It became more interesting as different was interviewed. Even me felt excited who will be interviewed next. Sorry my connection still running my mood to visit most of the post.

take care and have a nice day, bliss..