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Hello guys! Welcome to another episode of #questionandanswer where you get to know your favorites bloggers/vloggers better, in a more interesting way. I have with me here the guest for today's episode @niallon11 ...yay!!!

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Am sure some of us are already acquainted with him and for those of us who are not then this is going to be a wonderful read for you as you get to know or learn interesting things about @niallon11 ....well am not excluded, learning new things about people are always so fascinating for me.

Now let's get to know @niallon11

What is your idea of happiness?

I’ve always been of a simple mentality. The best things in life are the easiest to have. Friends, family, occasions are what I look forward to rather than the things that you buy. For me having my health and people to share that with will always be the end goal. I think that greed is one of the worst traits in humanity and the cause of a lot of the unhappiness in the world right now. As long as I have enough money to cover my costs and allow me to live the best version of my life then it will make me happy. Everything else in my life flows through that simple concept of having enough to live rather than trying to keep gaining more and more that I have no use for.

What is the best piece of advice, you have received from someone?

When I was leaving for college at 18 my father said to me, “Son, I know your leaving the house and will have your fun but the main thing to remember is not to get arrested or get anyone pregnant and after that I don’t want to know about it.” Solid advice.

On a more serious note I was told before that no problem is unfixable. The best thing to do in a bad situation is make the next right choice. No matter how big the problem seems in front of you, just get the first bit done. After that do the next small bit and after that the next. If you can take a problem step by step eventually it will be overcome. I’ve always taken this approach into my work which has stood me well over the past decade. In a tough and demanding job I’ve always been able to keep my calm and get through tough situations while I’ve seen others panic and leave the job when things go wrong.

What comes first love or trust?

For me, trust. Until I trust a person they won’t get close enough for love to form. I think that love forms over time so you need to get to know that person and all of their personality before you can love them. I keep a close circle and most of my favourite people in the world are my friends from school and family. The ones that I have always known and who know me so well. We’ve been through so much over that time that we must love each other at this stage.

Where is your favourite get away place?

I love being from Ireland and would never live anywhere else or leave for an extended period of time. The life suits me so well here and I love the people. The one thing that we not have here is sunshine and the weather is totally unpredictable all the way through the year so for a getaway it just needs to be sunny. I’ve done America and all throughout Europe over the years on various holidays and there is a lot to be said for knowing it’s going to be sunny everyday you go outside.

What experience would you want others to learn from?

One thing that I would love to see more from my own generation is to get away from their dependence on brands and trends. We have a huge issue here right now with people not able to afford rent or to buy a house. I’m 30 and most of my friends and peers complain about how hard it is to buy their own house and how we don’t stand a chance in this era.

I find it laughable to be honest as I bought my own place at 28 and that was after leaving college at 24. Without hiding in my room it was very possible to enjoy my life, go out with friends and still save enough for a deposit on a house in two years. The people complain about not being able to live but have wardrobes full of clothes and €1000+ phones. The money is there but people need to be smarter with it. I know too many people without any savings to their name but who go out as soon as they get paid and go shopping followed by a weekend out. You can still have a good life but do you really need that €500 handbag?? They’re all made in the same sweatshops in china anyway. Instagram culture is a poison on our lifestyles.

You can do better for the future with a little saving and some smart investing. Hopefully STEEM can prove me right at some stage on this one.

If you were to save just one thing not person from a burning house, what would it be?

I don’t have much in the way of things. My only real big money purchase is my car which is also my baby. I’ve always loved cars and have had a few interesting ones over the years. My current baby..

Image is provided by my interviewed guest @niallon11

Inside the house, the only thing that I couldn’t live without would be my phone which would be an easy grab and has access to all of my crypto and other information that I need in life.

How does your perfect day looks like?

This might sound bad depending on your culture but over here there is nothing better than a day session on the beer. I live near to Galway city and it’s genuinely one of the nicest places in the world to spend some time.

Image is provided by my interviewed guest @niallon11

I came up here for college and a life experience that everybody needs is to sit outside a pub on shop street of a sunny day with your friends. Good company and good pints. As you sit in the sunshine with pint in hand, watching the world go by there will be a moment. An epiphany almost. This is the life.
That there is nowhere better to spent the day as a mixture of locals, tourists and students soak up the atmosphere of the city.

This was after a day session during the Galway races with my best friend. Suits are very nessessary.

Image is provided by my interviewed guest @niallon11

What is the smallest gesture that has made you smile?

Another simple one but it’s when my girlfriend starts into one of her stories. She’s a very chatty person and somehow always ends up in the funniest situations. There is always a story and it makes me smile every time when she comes in and says. “I’ve a story for you from today.” Because you know it’s going to be a random funny one.

What habit do people exhibit that ticks you off?

By nature I’m a very easy going person that is hard enough to annoy but I do work in a retail environment so people give it their best go. My rule when dealing with people is very simple. If you approach me in a polite or friendly manner I will do as much as I can to help you regardless of the actual rules.

If you come up to me rude or demanding satisfaction, there is not a hope your going to get it from me. Rudeness is never necessary and if your think that shouting louder is going to get you anywhere you would be sadly mistaken. I have endless patience in denying rude people and no shame in doing it, no matter how loud or abrasive they get. Manners go a long way in life.

If you were a season, which would you be?

I would have to be spring. For the most part chilled and fresh but with the chance of quick extremes.
I like that newness it brings and how everything feels happy and positive before the summer.

What an amazing time with @niallon, I hope you all enjoyed the read because I totally did. A big thank you, @niallon for being on today's episode of #questionandanswer, it was great having you here, thank you for your time and yes! your "baby" is pretty lol.

So guys, this is where I draw the curtain for today's episode of #questionandanswer, send in your nominations of someone you want to see as a guest here or drop questions you would love to see answers to....I remain your humble host....Bliss.

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Have a wonderful day!!

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Great interview! This particular answer really struck home to me:

The best thing to do in a bad situation is make the next right choice.

Definitely good advice for any situation.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Yeah it is and it will be great if we remember to do it when in that situation. Thanks for stopping by! 😃


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