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Hello guys! Welcome to another episode of #questionandanswer where you get to know your favorites bloggers/vloggers better, in a more interesting way. I have with me here the guest for today's episode @contrabourdon...yay!!!

Image used by permission from @contrabourdon

Am sure some of us are already acquainted with him and for those of us who are not then this is going to be a wonderful read for you as you get to know or learn interesting things about @contrabourdon ....well am not excluded, learning new things about people are always so fascinating for me. A photo of our guest...

Image is provided by my interviewed guest @contrabourdon

Now let's get to know @contrabourdon

How do you see life generally?

You realise how short life really is the older you get. As a child you think you will be young forever—we know this is not the case. The reailty of our mortality becomes much clearer.

What small gesture has greatly impacted your life?

Hard to think of one particular gesture, but most recently being let through in busy traffic. I always do the same, what's a matter of a few seconds really in the grand scheme of things?

What is the best piece of advice you have received?

"Ignore everybody" (is the first rule for staying creative)

How do you have fun?

By learning new repertoire on the organ, recording it and sharing it with the world. PS. Become a Patron?

Where is your favorite get away place?

Batemans Bay, NSW, Australia.

What habit do you dislike people exhibiting?

Being overly critical just to put you below them.

Tell us about a memorable day in your life?

This is a hard question. I have quite a few memorable days but I can't just select one. I'd say my wedding day and the birth of each of my three children.

How would you describe yourself?

An organist seeing financial freedom, whilst staying creative and working in IT.

If you are to save one thing "not person" from a burning house, what would you save?

My organ.

What an amazing time with @contrabourdon, I hope you all enjoyed the read because I totally did. A big thank you, @contrabourdon for being on today's episode of #questionandanswer, it was great having you here, thank you for your time. 😃

So guys, this is where I draw the curtain for today's episode of #questionandanswer, send in your nominations of someone you want to see as a guest here or drop questions you would love to see answers to....I remain your humble host....Bliss.

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Have a wonderful day!!

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Being overly critical just to put you below them.

It's unfortunately a sad truth that a lot of people will put other people down simply to try to make themselves feel superior by comparison. These people are to be avoided and ignored as often as possible. All of us are pretty awesome.


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That's the reality we live in @wwwiebe, some people don't just care as long as it is beneficial to them. Thanks for your comment, have a wonderful day!! 😃

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Thanks for taking the time to interview me and for your patience :)
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I can only say thank you @contrabourdon for making this was worth the wait. 🤗

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