Guide: What is RadaQuest TCG and How to Invest in Taruk

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Are you looking to invest in a powerful project that not only gives you steem in return of your investment but it also has a great community?, say no more, RadaQuest TCG is your project. In this guide I´ll talk about the project and how to invest in it.


ONE: What´s RadaQuest?
TWO: RadaQuest team
THREE: What´s Taruk?
FOUR: Taruk benefits
FIVE: How to invest in Taruk
SIX: Game art
SEVEN: Why I personally invest in this project?
EIGHT: Proposal/financing
NINE: Links of interest

ONE: What´s RadaQuest?

Imagotipo cortesía de: @marcosdk

RadaQuest is a Trading Card Game with medieval fantasy atmosphere, hosted on the Steem blockchain. It has battle mechanics, pvp, pve, events, eventos, resources harvest, buildings system, crafting, cards and buildings levelling, card packs, card market and more!

In RadaQuest the cards are unique and limited, that is, your cards belongs to you and you can sell them, but there´s a limited of cards avaible, when the cards avaible runs out, there won´t be more cards printed again, but that isn´t a problem because there´ll be more cards constantly and the lack of “old” cards makes them more valuable.

It won´t be downloaded, it will be played from the internet browser on the RadaQuest website.

It also has a token, Taruk, I´ll talk about it in the section THREE.

Building image courtesy of: @marcosdk

Building image courtesy of: @marcosdk

TWO: RadaQuest team


  • @marcosdk RadaQuest founder, is responsible for development, programming, art, game´s economy and social media.
  • @beyondraws, also knows as @xerllig, he helps making high quality card illustrations.

  • @wiriwiri and me. We are Community Managers, that is, we connect people with the project, we make giveaways and help with the doubts of the community, especially newcomers. We are also Djs of the RadaQuest discord group, ask us for your favorite music.
  • You, fam, you are an indispensable part of the project, on behalf of RadaQuest, we thank you for the support and the amazing welcome, ¡thank you very much radanians!

    Profile images with the permission of their respective owners.

THREE: What´s Taruk?

Taruk´s symbol, courtesy of: @marcosdk

Taruk is the game token, it´ll be used to buy cards packs and items.

They are bought and sold in Steem-Engine, it´s price is 1 Steem = 1 Taruk.

Its volume usually reaches around 40$ per day (without counting sales on the web), the weekly ROI is high, but the ROI and the volume depends on Taruk and illustrations sales.

The unstake is 4 weeks, 1 payment every week. You can do it at any time, but, we´ll work hard so that nobody has to unstake.

FOUR: Taruk benefits

Buying Taruks has great advantages:

  1. When the game comes out you can buy card packs and items paying with Taruks.
  2. By staking Taruk you become investor/stakeholder, all the game´s benefits will be distributed equally between stakeholders each week (soon it´ll be daily). Marcosdk Haciendo stake de Taruk te conviertes en "inversor" o "stakeholder", los beneficios del juego por la venta de Taruks, dibujos, votos, etc se repartirán equitativamente entre los inversores semanalmente (próximamente será reparto diario). Marcosdk exercises the right to own 50-51% of the total stake.
  3. When the game´s released there´ll be airdrops of the second token of the game, the Soul Crystals, between the stakeholders.

Benefits distribution are made on Sundays.

Are the benefits good? See it with your own eyes:

Distribution among the top 20 investors:

Benefits distribution
(415.415071) -> 245.154 STEEM + 170.261 STEEMP (2000.00 TARUK - 11.23%)
(360.836377) -> 212.945 STEEM + 147.891 STEEMP (1737.23 TARUK - 9.75%)
(166.166029) -> 98.062 STEEM + 68.104 STEEMP (800.00 TARUK - 4.49%)
(108.215626) -> 63.863 STEEM + 44.353 STEEMP (521.00 TARUK - 2.92%)
(103.853768) -> 61.289 STEEM + 42.565 STEEMP (500.00 TARUK - 2.81%)
(83.400688) -> 49.218 STEEM + 34.182 STEEMP (401.53 TARUK - 2.25%
(74.807490) -> 44.147 STEEM + 30.660 STEEMP (360.16 TARUK - 2.02%)
(59.686952) -> 35.224 STEEM + 24.463 STEEMP (287.36 TARUK - 1.61%)
(44.295518) -> 26.141 STEEM + 18.155 STEEMP (213.26 TARUK - 1.20%)
(41.664619) -> 24.588 STEEM + 17.077 STEEMP (200.59 TARUK - 1.13%)
(41.541563) -> 24.515 STEEM + 17.026 STEEMP (200.00 TARUK - 1.12%)
(41.541507) -> 24.515 STEEM + 17.026 STEEMP (200.00 TARUK - 1.12%)
(41.541507) -> 24.515 STEEM + 17.026 STEEMP (200.00 TARUK - 1.12%)
(36.348819) -> 21.451 STEEM + 14.898 STEEMP (175.00 TARUK - 0.98%)
(31.156130) -> 18.387 STEEM + 12.770 STEEMP (150.00 TARUK - 0.84%)
(25.963442) -> 15.322 STEEM + 10.641 STEEMP (125.00 TARUK - 0.70%)
(22.060879) -> 13.019 STEEM + 9.042 STEEMP (106.21 TARUK - 0.60%)
(21.186169) -> 12.503 STEEM + 8.683 STEEMP (102.00 TARUK - 0.57%)
(20.770967) -> 12.258 STEEM + 8.513 STEEMP (100.00 TARUK - 0.56%)
( 20.770754) -> 12.258 STEEM + 8.513 STEEMP (100.00 TARUK - 0.56%)

You can find all the forecast and distributions in the RadaQuest discord

FIVE: How to invest in Taruk

There´re two ways to invest in Taruk: Vía RadaQuest web or Steem-Engine.

  • The website has Taruk packs with discounts, but has limited stock of 16.000 Taruks. You can check it out by clicking on the following image:

Taruk Pack ----- Avaible
Pack of 500 ----- 7
Pack of 100 ----- 14
Pack of 50 ----- 14
Pack of 25 ----- 24

Banner courtesy of: @marcosdk

I leave a video where @wiriwiri teaches us how to buy Taruks in

By @wiriwiri

  • Vía Steem-Engine. You can buy with steem; also we accept PAYPAL. You can buy taruks in Steem Engine indefinitely, just buy them when you want.

In the following video courtesy of @wiriwiri you can see a demonstration of how to buy Taruks in Steem-Engine:

By @wiriwiri

SIX Game art

Illustration courtesy of: @marcosdk

Illustration courtesy of: @beyondraws

Illustration courtesy of: @marcosdk

Illustration courtesy of: @beyondraws

Illustration courtesy of: @marcosdk

These are some of the game cards illustrations, to see all of them and new ones check The Gallery

You can buy the artwork in the shop of RadaQuest web or in Creary. The price is 0.50$, you receive the illustrations in Ultra HD (3500x2800) for personal use only, the commercial use of these is strictly prohibited. You can put them as profile images, make yourself a t-shirt, a cup with your favorite warrior image on it or a poster, but again, do not sell them!

You can also get them for free after reaching 1000 taruk staked, for this you have to request it in RadaQuest discord

Oh, and today @radaquest has posted an awesome card creation contest, it consist of drawing a fantasy illustration for a card in RadaQuest, if you are an artist or you like to draw please participate, there´re two big prizes worth 500$, for all the information click on the following image:


SEVEN: Why I personally invest in this project?

The game is promising, the investment is giving great results, it´s one of those investment that are only presented to you once in a lifetime, when the game comes out it´ll be even more beneficial. Marcosdk is a great person, very hardworking and a good developer, he helps people, he has shown his hace and his full name (very important things when making an investment), which gives me confidence to invest and to know if the project is serious or not.

Also, from the very beginning, the game will be in english AND spanish. How many blockchain games have you seen in spanish? That is a good plus foe the hispanic community.

Another thing, remember that with Taruk you can buy card packs, if you want to be a TOP player it´ll be a good opportunity to own Taruk in the early days of the game.

EIGHT: Proposal/financing

Currently, Steemit takes a small percentage of our post, that money is directed to the most voted Steemit projects in the community. You, yes, YOU have the power to have your favorite projects funded. RadaQuest needs your help, please give us your free vote, to do this click on the following image and vote RadaQuest, so we can get the game out as soon as possible. Thank you very much in advance!

Banner courtesy of: @marcosdk

NINE: Links of interest


Game´s account: @radaquest
Game´s creator: @marcosdk
Collaborating illustrator: @beyondraws
Community Managers: @wiriwiri & @arkmy

Web & Investment

RadaQuest Web:
Buy Taruk in steem engine:
Buy Taruk with discount in RadaQuest Web:

Banner courtesy of: @marcosdk

I hope this guide helps you a lot and you enjoy this magical project, if you still have doubts don´t hesitage to leave us a comment or contact us in the RadaQuest discord group we are at your disposal, we also accept suggestions for improvement and ideas for card illustrations.

Greetings from the RadaQuest TCG team and don´t forget:

May the power of RadaQuest be with you!!

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Is there an earnings chart with expected apr per stake amount? I just invested in this and am gonna be adding more soon. I'm looking for resources i can share with others.

Hi @wdougwatson, in RadaQuest Discord and @radaquest you can see the weekly provisional ROI, we don't have an apr because the ROI is variable, it depends on RadaQuest sales and reinvestments

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@arkmy this is a fantastic write up! and a very promising project! ⚔️ May the power of RadaQuest be with you!

Thanks for your support!

Thank you @battlegames 💜

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I have been watching the development of this game closely , can't wait for it to launch.
I have invested in this games development also. It's awesome that @radaquest rewards us for staking TARUK.
So let's keep Staking TARUK and help get this game off the ground.
Great post.
Have an awesome day!


Yep! Let's keep buying and staking Taruk. Thank you

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