This is the most insane photo i ever take in my life

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This is the most crazy photo i take with my camera and finally after so many attempts i manage to take a nice shot of a lightning strike. This is the photo i took with my camera.

I was take so many photos try to capture this and fail but it is not so easy to take photos of a lightning strike.
For this i put my camera on Aperture Mode Iso 100, Focal Length i think was around 10 and Exposure Time was 30 seconds and i start to take pictures waiting for the strike. I manage to take another 2 strikes but my tripod shake because of thunder so the pictures come blurry but when the biggest lightning strike i wait for some seconds and i look on my camera screen and i say..... WOW, i finally did it!

Those photos was taken in 22 of july 2019 but just i edit a little and posted here.
Here are some samples from the fail photos i take in the same day.

Those 2 are the fail ones because they are blurry but the first is very clear even if you zoom in the picture.

I hope you enjoy my life story how i take to most valuable picture for me.
I am an amateur photographer and every time i want to test new things and learn from every thing that is why sometimes i try crazy things.
The camera i use is a Sony a6000 with kit lens 16-50mm and to take the shots i use my phone wireless remote connected to my camera. A thunder wake me up at and i start to start taking pictures:)
Hope you enjoy this and see you later, @cgame out!

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  ·  last year (edited)

How did you capture the amazing thunderstorm shot? Really great photography.

With a lot of patients and wait for the perfect day and wake up at 3am , so not so easy:)