Vitamin C in Pechay

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In my previous post which can be found here: I posted a review about pechay and it's nutritional contents.

Today, I will continue to review the other nutritional content of pechay. Yesterday was for vitamin A, now let's try Vitamin C. Vitamin C is the second biggest nutritional content of pechay. It holds 75% per 100 gram of pechay.

What is Vitamin C?
They say that this vitamin is the most safest and effective nutrient of all the. It's benefits extended to the protection of our immune system. It helps protect us eye disease, prenatal health disorder, cardiovascular disease and most of all skin problems.

With all its advantages and significance in the human body. I wanted to think that there's no negative effects of its consumption or shall I say when we excessively take it.

But before we go check it's negative effect (if any), let's review its beneficial effect.

Vitamin C is among the organic compound that exists in living things that contains the popular elements carbon and oxygen. Unlike other nutrients, Vitamin C is not stored in human body because it's water soluble, hence, we need to take food that contains it to have enough for our body.

Benefits of Vitamin C
Heal wounds faster
A good antioxidant
Prevent respiratory infections
Eliminates tuberculosis bacteria
Can help treat cancer
Promotes cardiovascular health

Vitamin C is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables and cooking them in water and heating procedures lessens Vitamin C content. If you are looking for a good source of this nutrient, better take fresh fruits and vegetables. This implies that pechay is not a good source of Vitamin C since this vegetable should be taken cooked unless you wanted it raw.

Recommended Dietary Consumption
The recommended dietary consumption of Vitamin C for man and woman differs. Males requires 90 mg per day and famales requires 75 mg of Vitamin C per day.

Each pechay leaf contains 2.2 mg of Vitamin C. If were going to take the consumption requirement of males, he needed to consume like 41 leaves of pechay everyday, not quite difficult, it's achievable. For females, it only requires 34 leaves of pechay to reach the required daily intake.

Too much consumption of Vitamin C
I thought I could not find any but I was wrong. With all it's gigantic advantages to human health, still this nutrients has it's disadvantages to our health.

Although it's unlikely to happen but too much consumption of Vitamin C (we are talking about super doses of it) could to the following ailments;
Abdominal cramps

If you noticed, some of these ailments belongs to digestive symptoms and will occur if a person takes more than 2000 mg a day which is equivalent to 909 leaves of pechay. Unless your a cow, you won't be able to have this problem.

Vitamin C is a good agent is iron absorption and too much consumption could also mean to much iron absorption which could lead to iron accumulation.

Another negative effects of too much consumption of Vitamin C is kidney problems. Excess Vitamin C will be treated as waste product and this waste product exits the body through via urine through our kidneys. This waste which is called oxalate might bind with other minerals that passes the kidneys and could for crystals which could cause for the formation of kidney stones.

With so much to say, let's give this review a stop and conclude that pechay is still safe to consume even in huge volumes like a plate or two or when desired because we know that a single person would be able to take a sack of it a day. As far as Vitamin C content in pechay is concern, never worry about excessive intake because its nearly impossible to happen.

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