Shan Fried Fish Recipe & Rainy Day

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Last day was rainy day. I made plan with friend to cook fry fish. So all friend bough fish 5kg and we fried fish so i would like to share with you the recipe of shan Fried fish. I am not good cook but realy my all friends liked it very much and i also enjoyed it very much in rainy day.

It is very much easy we did not buy many ingredients just we bought shan Fried fish powder and massged the fish with that powder


  1. Fish
  2. Shan Fried Fish pack
  3. Ghee kashmir
  4. Tomato and cucumber for salad.
  5. Big pot Kurri
  6. Fire gass lamp

How to Cook it

It is very much important first wash the fish with fresh water and cut the fish in small pieces.
When we was buying it that fish seller cutted our fish in small pieces according to our choice

After cutting and washing then put Shan Fried fish powder over the fish and mix the fish very deeply so that no any space of fish should remain empty.
It is shan Fried fish powder packet.we bought five packet to make fish spicy.if you not like spicy then 3 enough for five kg fish.


It is powder after open the shan packet. I puted this powder on fish and mixed it very well.

In below photos i am mixing over fish shan powder . after mixing powder now do not need to use any other ingredient except garlic and green chili past. In pictures you can see how am i mixing shan powder .but before mixing powder first spread the lemon juice over all fish it increase tasty amazing




After mixing all these ingredients keep the fish at least one hours . after one hours on the fire and heat the kashmir ghee. You can see the below pictures how i mixed all ingredients. Now keep this fish one hour .






Now fish is ready for fry and on the fire and after put the ghee in big kuri and heat the oil when ghee got full heat then put the pieces of fish in kurrii and cooked fry the fish till its color get brown so after getting brown its mean fish is ready.





It is shape of fish after fried when got this brown color its mean it is fried .





It is final selfie with fried fish we all friends enjoyed very much hope you all friends also will enjoy my cooking post.





Hope you all enjoyed it. Than you all for reading my post. Have s nice saturday.

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Fish is what makes me more hungry. Shan poweder you used is also my favourite masala. It hasa unique taste as comapred to other masala.
It looks like you enjoyed a lot. Thank you for sharing your cool moments with us.
Have a nice day.
Look forward to see more stuff like this from your side.

thank for appreciation bro

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