King Tubby & Roots Radics X DMILLIZ FreeStyle- ( Dangerous Dub- Country Gal Riddim ) [ With Lyrics]

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I did this freestyle about a two weeks ago but I posted it to Dsound. Many complained they couldn't get it to play, so after, I upload a video to YouTube and shared the link in the post. If you know steem many won't be looking at a piece of content more than once. So... I decided to post it again via ReggaeTube to immortalize this freestyle. Still proud of this one. I was also requested to write the lyrics to the freestyle down by @super-irie. I took the time to do just that. Here we go.

Artiste: Dmilliz
Riddim: Country Gal
Producer: King Tubby and Roots Radics ( Made in 1982)


Dmilliz rubba style
wicked and wild

Country gal mi love mi country gal
Country gal mi love mi country gal
she can whine her body and cook ital
country gyal mi love me country gyal

she nuh care fi nuh Bimma or nuh louis vuitton
She just a dance and shake her baddang
she love just chill pon di beach
we deh pon and smoking di reef

Yaad man a suh we stay
natural gyal dat we a blaze
yeah it haffi blaze
feel so amaze

Mi hust a sip some red wine
for real mi feel fine
its gonna be proper week
what you say turn to reality

man a Don big MC
man a Don big MC

business man me a pree
mi a di business for real
mi nuh rob mi nuh steal
work hard just to get my meal

but now its time to work smart
Jahm token deh pon di chart
Reggae Steem Reggaesteem a blaze,
ina di people dem ears

mi just a dubba pon di beat
Ruba dub style so sweet
di ting well unique
we deh a steem peak

ahh ugh hmmm

mi need fi mek some more tune more often mi nah tell nuh lie
right yah now me kinda drunk mi kinda high
mi owna studio mi save and buy,
just a mek some tune and mek some reply

business come een and the business clean
blockchain technology and e-commerce
my yute mi just strive fi the best,
but if any ting we ready fi face di test,
fi face di test mi haffi say it again
cause me did kinda stutter and mi nah guh pretend, ay

This is a bloodclaat real freestyle,
send it to yuh muma and you auntie and yuh child

Rub a dub coming up
revival dub yeah we stirring it up
Ay, living up living up, real reggae music ay ay

You done know we just a freestyle youh nuh,
get back into the grove of things
we nah talk materialistic we a talk spiritualistic,
ay natural mystic, dmilliz well versile any style

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You are an artist @dmilliz
Not only in reggaesteem, but beyond this platform.
You make some interesting approaches, you like we all work hard for food and for something more than that, we seek interaction, grow, help, make that which surrounds us is increasingly better.

Certainly, rarely will you see two or more times a publication in Steemit or in any tribe.
Good to have been able to present it again, the video sounds without errors.

Very good weekend.

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  ·  8 months ago (edited)

Hey Jose,
Yeah. I domy thing now and then. I plan to make more time for the music, this way I can also understand what artiste would want from this platform and live a dream. Yes indeed interaction is important , we are all just humans looking to be part of good experiences.

Yeah I was ify to repost but dsound disappointed. If I do it a third time as a post by itself now that would be pushing it lol.
Blessed Selene amigo 👌🏾

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Hope otgers follow your lead and post more art

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

It will be very interesting once young artistes start showing up. We will get them here in good timing I believe

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

Versatile way to present this song, content a little strong but good rhythm, is sticky, you have a vote of acceptance of this style from my point of view.

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

Thanks. Lol kinda strong , but it’s the essence of freestyle with my vibrations. Good to know I got your vote 😎 enjoy the weekend

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

I loved your freestyle, the mix of various instruments is excellent.
the lyrics of the music are super creative very Irie

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

Thank you Mariluna. Make a video dancing to it
( I’m joking 😅)
Enjoy the weekend

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We’ve got this on a 24
hour play, play, play.
As you would
say it’s ‘EPIC’.

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  ·  8 months ago (edited)

Turn it off super ! Play some real music 🤣 . Safe weekend journeys.

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Nice seeing them lyrics for your free style. I was vibing to that for a few weeks now aha

Had some them Lyrics switched around in my head. Cool to see them actual words of art flowing on the page for when I Jahmin out to the country galll

Yea mon respect mi bredda

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Respect bredda!

It will be interesting to look back at the lyrics and freestyle a few years from now 😎

I really love these types of riddims though. Wish I knew a producer making some roots dub like this now.
Dub producers on reggaesteem ✨

Bless up

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