Reviewhunt - Review by hassanabid

it was very exciting thing when i heard the news that reviewhunt's beta version is now closed and from now on Its live version will be On ...

i am working on steemhunt for about 1 and half year i think and as its somehow related with steemhunt and the owners and makers are same i have 100 percent trust on both of these websites ..

So by comming to the topic about review hunt the new features are really impressive including the filter option which helps people to go to respective relevant place .

so see my profile i have started working today joined yesterday although i have completed two tasks which is also marked as completed ( i will get reward in some hours )

so what i was talking about is the options see


the options make it easy for a person for example those who are active on social media and steemit will choose following commenting and giving reviews about certain product / project

and here is my recent screenshot i have got 6.6$ reward for completed 3 tasks and its really exciting :)


there is much more on review hunt so join now and lets give Reviews on Hunts / products :)

so here is the Link to Join RH Join now and start earning :)

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