The Road to Steem Fest | Both Business & Pleasure For Me!

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Hey everyone! I am back again for another edition of The Road to Steem Fest posts. This time @anomadsoul asked us to answer the question of whether it was Business or Pleasure that we were attending Steem Fest this year in Bangkok. If you are going to Steem Fest you really need to get in on The Road to Steem Fest!

I have been thinking about it and even hubby asked me why I was going and what I wanted out of it because it was a lot of money and more importantly a lot of time to invest to go to Steem Fest.

Solid investment indeed for me I think!

First and foremost I think, it would definitely be BUSINESS! ie. STEEM BUSINESS! My journey on STEEM started in January 2018 and it has been one that was peppered with the usual intermissions of life. I was into it but I was undecided whether I could be really into it. So fast forward a year and the half later of blogging, Steemmonsters , vlogs and most of all communities and connections... I have decided that I was going to STEEM on, build my rep and SP, build our little community of Steemitmamas and play Steemmonsters for the foreseeable future. So Steem Fest for me this year is something that I am really so so excited and looking forward to!

  • I am going to really immerse myself into learning more about the technology and the ecosystem.
  • I want to meet people and ask them questions about their journey on STEEM.
  • I want to ask them what they foresee in the next 12 months for STEEM
  • I want to meet people and get to know them...really know them. See them face to face and talk to them! There is just something to being able to see a person face to face and talking to them.
  • I hope to be able to garner more support for our little community of @steemitmamas
  • Possibly I also hope to be able to understand what the opportunities are of being able to work in the STEEM ecosystem or even the blockchain industry in general. This is two-fold for me because I work in recruitment and we are starting to do some work for clients who are from the blockchain industry and also a personal interest. I am just open to explore and understand.


But what is a trip without PLEASURE!???

My first SOLO trip!

Once again, I can't believe that this is going to be a trip without my two little monsters and even my hubby!! SCREEEAAAMM! Yes! I really cannot remember the last time I went on a trip all on my own and since having both my boys...NEVER! It's so awesome to be able to do what I want without a worry in the world! I am so looking forward to time away on my own, focused on STEEM and best of all girlfriends! I am going to be travelling with @kaerpediem and then meeting up with @elizacheng and @littlenewthings in Bangkok as we are all staying together! Then of course there is all the shopping and eating that we plan to do. The chilling and massages...Oh wait, Steem Fest tooo!!!! So much to do so little time!


Meeting Steemit Friends and New Connections

I can't wait to meet all the peeps that I have been interacting with online! I hope to meet people from all the different communities like @steem-hodler, @qurator, @steemmonsters, @innerblocks, @actifit and the @thealliance. I also want to say hi to the @ocd people and @news-today and thank them for the hard work of manual curation in #newsteem and the support given with the revival of our little @steemitmamas community.

Overall I am excited but nervous at the same time honestly. There will be many there whom I have interacted with but a whole lot more that I haven't. I get the feeling that it is going to be hectic with that many people there and I am less comfortable in situations like that. I like small groups and a little quiet? LOL! I know, I know... the opposite is going to happen so I just need to prep myself for that and hope for the best!

Ideally, I would love for it to be as simple as sitting next to a friendly someone or a few someones who will be a lot more talkative than I am. But I also know that I have to make an effort to go out there and get to know people, waiting around doesn't work unless you are whale or an absolute babe of which I am neither. So if you are going to be at Steem Fest, be kind if you see peeps on their own and come and say "HI" ok? I would certainly appreciate it!


Ok, since I am doing this post at the 11th hour, I better wrap this up. Thanks again @anomadsoul and @blocktrades for doing all that you do for Steemians everywhere!

Thank you all for dropping by my little space here!


p/s Any tips for a first timer at Steem Fest ? Drop me a comment please! I would really love to hear from you and on top of that 1 SBI each to the first 5 comments here!

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Hey @khimgoh, don't worry! You're going to have a ton of fun! Woot Woot

You will work the room Ms Bubbly <33

This is going to be really interesting and learning to mingle around with as many people in a short time, but yes, I agree, you'll rock the stage 😜

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It's a great networking opportunity and to allow other DTubers and Steemians to meet you and others. I like these gatherings, I just can't afford to go to them.