The road to Steem Fest - The final post

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I've done all the Road to SteemFest post apart from the first one because I didn't go last year. This one will be a wrap up covering who I will meet, preparation, budget, fear etc. If you've been reading my posts, you would have seen me mention preparing a SteemFest surprise. At one stage, I was so afraid that I wouldn't be able to complete it. Then I thought the only way to complete it was to scale it down. Yesterday I finally completed everything, ready for SteemFest next week. This is the surprise I've been working on.....

I've been playing around with acrylic pour early this year and one of the things I really enjoyed doing was to pour on practical objects, coaster was perfect. My original intention was to do one coaster for each SteemFest attendee, but I had no idea how many would be going. Some say there were 300 attendees last year!! That would stretch my time and budget quite a bit, and I'd need a lot of space at home for the coasters to dry. To cut a long story short, I ended making 50 coasters. Each of them are made from wood and the design is unique as you can't get two identical pours.

Yesterday I added the final touches to my coasters.

I added a cork base as the wood base would be quite slippery on the table. And to make it even more special for SteemFest, I printed some SteemFest Bangkok labels. I nearly didn't get these done as I only got round to ask @roelandp for the logo on Monday. Then when I went to my normal sticker place on Thursday, they said they can only customise their own designs and can't use external ones. Luckily I bought some transparent stickers and printed them at home.


The final touch to my coasters is to individually pack them. I'm not a big fan of using too many plastic bags and normally I wouldn't do this. But giving that these coasters will be travelling all over the world to a new home, I want them to arrive in the best condition.

This wraps up me preparing my Road to SteemFest, all that's left now is to pack my gifts. I can't wait to see who I will meet at SteemFest so I can give them a coaster. I hope they will like it as these my first batch and a bit rough on the edges. I do have a bunch of favourite ones, and can't wait to see who gets those

See you all in Bangkok next week!!!

Check out all my travel posts here on Steemit Worldmap, and also my latest project @LadiesOfAsia where we share fun and cultural diversity across Asia Pacific.

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Those are super cool! What a wonderful gift to share with the folks you will meet in person at Steemfest. Safe travels and enjoy the fest!

Thanks @dfinney. Hopefully one day I can share them with friends that I don't meet in person as well

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You're a real artist, I love them all. Especially the red one. I get everything will be happy to get one. Have a safe trip and have fun 😊

Thanks @erikah, I am no where near to call myself an artist, but I did enjoy making them.

That's the most important thing in my opinion.

Looks nice wo...

Thanks look forward to seeing you next week

Looking forward too but will be a tiring Mon and Tue before that. :-)

Absolutely beautiful, @livinguktaiwan. What a great idea. I can't wait to see them in person in just a few days.

Thanks @fitinfun will be great to meet you soon!

Hi, @livinguktaiwan!

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wohooo finally done!!!

Yah, at last, I thought they'd never be finish in time!

I love them all
They are gorgeous

I know what you mean about the plastic
I had the same conundrum

Just a few days away
See you soon

Thanks Sheila. Counting down in hours now...

See you Wednesday !

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